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Copy of Re-Create the Look: Green Converse Tennies

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

I am a lover of Converse Tennies. I didn't use to like them. If fact, when I was in 6th grade, I despised them. It was 1980 and Nike was sweeping the junior highs with it's classic white shoe with its red swoosh. My parents were divorced and being thrifty so, they split up the school supply list. My dad got "gym shoes" on his list. My mother would have done the very same thing my dad did but, it was my dad who took my brother and I shopping and found us the cheapest sneakers at the time; bright red converse trainers. Oh, how I wished I had Nike shoes with the red swoosh!

But over the years, converse has stood the test of time and carved its own niche of a classic and retro look that Nike has never been able to fill.

When I saw Instagram's jadore.parisian.chic post this picture I immediately ordered a pair of green Converse trainers. I got the low tops instead of the high tops, for versatility. In this picture she has them paired with white denim, which I avoid until Spring but, a dark denim is just as cute and seasonally appropriate here in Minnesota.

Let's re-create this look.

JCrew White Denim:

BR Dark Denim:

Saint Laurent Purse:

This is a look that can be worn from October to April.

It's no wonder my dad was drawn to Converse sneakers, he wore them all through high school. He and his high school basketball team from Massena Iowa went to state all four years of his high school days and winning their state division one out of the four. Right: He's going up for a lay up in his white Converse Sneakers.

Happy Wardrobing!!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist

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