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Show your legs

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Early on as a stylist, I worked with a woman who was going on a trip and needed some dresses for some festive events. Since retired, she hadn't the need for dresses until now. But, she really wanted to wear dresses on this trip. She got in a fitting room and I began to bring her some choices. Right away, she began to say things like, "I have to wear them below my knees. My mother told me I had knobby knees." I'd bring her another choice and she'd say, "Oh, the veins in my legs are ugly. My ex-husband always made fun of my legs, I need a longer dress." It didn't take me long to realize that she was most comfortable covering up. She had bought into the lies and negative talk that she had heard all her life. This woman was actually quite lovely at her age and her knees and legs were normal looking. Yes, she had some varicose veins but, most women do!

To age is a priveledge; it's not a right. If we are to have the priveledge to age, we have to embrace the looks of our skin, body and hair as we age. How is the younger generation of young women to know how beautiful an aging woman looks, unless it's displayed by aging women showing them?

Don't hide from aging; Embrace it with class! Show your legs.

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