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Summer Basics

Updated: May 10, 2021

I use to dread Summer because, when Summer hit I wasn't ready for it. My kids were ready; I'd taken the time to make sure they had a summer wardrobe but, I hadn't planned ahead for me. I found myself stuck in the heat; not dressed for it. Sure, I got shorts but, they were the first ones I could find out of desperation; not shorts that I felt good in and loved. So, here's my short list of what you need and a few suggestions.

Think about what you've bought for your kids Summer wardrobe.

  1. Shorts

  2. Several easy Tees

  3. Swim Suit

  4. Sandals


I got these camo shorts at GAP outlet. I wear them rolled up; not like this picture. They were on displayed in the store rolled up otherwise, I don't think I would've looked at them. They are super cute and comfortable. These denim shorts I got with a young client a couple weeks ago at Loft. She was not straight built like me, she needed a curvy fit. These fit so nicely. She was very pleased to find such a good fit from waist to hip.


I prefer vnecks; most women do. This white vneck from Loft has smocking on the shoulders giving it a fresh look for Summer. This burnt orange tee is from Banana Republic. Banana Republic has the best (hands down) tshirts but, they sell out in sizes quickly. Check these out for color options and if you see one you are interested in, grab it quick!

This striped tee is from Talbots. The stitching and contrasting stripes are flattering and fun. I like to always have a stripe option. And...Summer isn't Summer without a graphic tee. Anthropoligie has a fun assortment of graphic tees to choose from but, so does Target and Urban Outfitters.

Swim Suits

Oh, the horrible search for a Summer swim suit! It truly can be torture! My favorite place to go is "Everything But the Water". They know body types and sizes and they will find you a suit that you feel GREAT in.

But, with that said, last year I was walking through Target and saw a swim suit I knew was the right cut for me and it became my go-to last Summer. The price points between "Everything But the Water" and Target are very different. You can find a good deal at Target but, if you need help, it's worth the price and quality to go to a store that specializes in fitting swimwear.


When I was a little girl, my Aunt Kay would buy me a new pair of Sandals each Summer. It was exciting to see what she would get me!

Now, as an adult, I don't need a new pair every year but, I definitely want my sandals ready to go for casual outings. The pair I will be pulling out to wear again this Summer I found at Nordstrom two years ago. They'll probably last another two years. The brand is Olukai. They are comfortable and the brown leather goes with everything!

These are Summer basics. Mom's are taking care of the kiddos and making sure they have their wardrobe basics. You need to feel comfortable and good when you're out with your kids. You don't have to break the bank to have a cute summer wardrobe. probably have some of these pieces but, need a few fresh additions. Here's where you start.

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

Wardrobe Stylist Kathy Banta

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