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What They are Saying

Every client is an individual with unique and personal reasons for having me come to their closet or shopping with them.  I always strive to give my best.  When I get feedback, it makes my day!  

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"Have you ever had a hard time figuring out what to pack when taking a vacation? I called Kathy and she took care of everything so packing is now an easy task! I gave her my itinerary. She researched the weather and visited the actual sites I would be visiting. She pre-shopped for me and I met her in a dressing room where she had a ton of ideas. She started off by showing me an outfit she put together and said "This is what I think you should wear to your Victoria Butchart Gardens tour". I loved that! She also picked out clothes for me to wear to the wine tasting tour, biking and museum tours and our dinners. I highly recommend Kathy to de-stress your life and help you look your best!"  -  Jean
"Kathy helped me in far more ways than I could have imagined. I was feeling in a rut with my wardrobe. Kathy came to my home for a closet analysis and immediately put together amazing outfits using my existing wardrobe. She then came up with suggestions to update and add more variety. Our shopping trip along with Kathy sending links to items helped round out my wardrobe. After the closet and shopping sessions, Kathy sent me ideas for lots of other clothing combinations that I wouldn’t have considered. I had so much fun working with Kathy. She is kind and nonjudgmental. She works with my style and picks clothing that fits the different facets of my busy life. Since working with Kathy, I have gotten so many compliments from people including strangers. I plan to continue to work with her on a regular basis to keep my wardrobe updated. I will also reach out to her for help if I need an outfit for a special occasion. Thanks for everything, Kathy!"  -  Karen
"Kathy has come to my home three times over the past few years. Each time we focus on a particular season of clothes, clean out what doesn't fit or look flattering, then survey what's left. Kathy mixes and matches and makes new outfits with clothes I didn't know go together, complete with jewelry and accessories. She then makes a list of needed items to fill in the wardrobe and later sends links with those items (she's a serious sale-finder) for purchase if I choose.
What I like most about Kathy is who she is -- kind, positive, encouraging, and real. She takes the time to get to know you, know about your style (or hoped-for style) and compliments what you already have with her suggestions. For her it's a real vocation about helping to make women feel confident and bright. I would recommend her to anyone looking for personalized, up-beat styling. Oh, and the woman knows her way around a mall."  -  Devon
"Kathy is so intuitive and has been able to both select outfits that fit my style and also accentuate my figure. She makes herself available on short notice, provides great selections and takes pride in ensuring the end result is successful! I am so grateful to have found Kathy and will continue to use her for special events, new seasonal ideas and overall wardrobe guidance."  -  Cheryl
"Took my young adult to shop for a basic work casual wardrobe as he enters into the corporate world. SO helpful. She was time sensitive, efficient and he left with several interchangeable pairings as well as quality base layers. She also gave a rundown of how he might add to what they started. We found this entire process not only painless, but so fun! Highly recommend." -  Jill S.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could not be happier with the service I received from Kathy. I have never had a real ‘fashion sense’ and the fact that I am plus size – does not make it easier. Kathy walked me through my closet – for each piece of clothing I had, she told me why it looked great or why it needed to go. I learned so much from her and will forever be a smarter shopper.  I love my new, more tailored look – but more importantly, Kathy instilled a level of confidence in me and made me feel so good about myself. Thank you so much, Kathy!"
  - Jill  T.
"I can't say enough wonderful things about Kathy Banta and À La Mode. I needed to update my work wardrobe, and was looking for very particular things. Kathy was such a huge help in finding bright colors, and different pieces that I can use for many types of outfit combinations. She also did her research in my field of work, so she was ready to go as soon as we met up. Kathy is upbeat, fun, energetic, and kept us on task. And even better, the whole time it felt like I was shopping with my best girlfriend. I feel like I have much more knowledge about how certain clothes fit my body type, as well what kinds of styles, cuts and colors look best on me. She also picked out, and put together pieces I would have never thought of on my own. Kathy really cares about your experience, and making sure you get everything you need in order to feel good about your body, and your new clothes. I would highly recommend Kathy. You will not be disappointed!" -Sarah
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