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Last week I traveled to Nebraska to visit family. On Tuesday, it was 104 degrees. On Wednesday, there was a drastic change and it was 57 degrees out. My body felt shocked and I wished I'd packed sweaters. Fall has arrived. I had been slowly moving my Summer attire into my alternate closet and pulling my Fall wardrobe into my main walk-in closet but, this snap of temperatures has quickened my step to get this done.

I love Fall! It is my favorite clothing season. I love the layering of clothing and I find joy in mixing textures and patterns with accessories. Summer is lovely; that vitamin D is really important. But, Fall fashions are definitely much more fun!

I choose to maintain a classic wardrobe that no matter what trend comes and goes, the items in my closet are mainly timeless. But, I do like to add a few trend-y items each season to make things interesting. Here are five On-trend items to add to your wardrobe to mix a little fun and surprise into your classic wardrobe.

  1. Red booties - A splash of red to your denim and black gives a vibe of personality.


2. Brown Blazer - This Fall brown is back and it's in every type of clothing. A brown blazer whether it be in a hounds tooth, plaid or a solid cognac or cocoa, it is a winner. You'll see that Double-breasted blazers are much more prominent in retail selection, too.

Banana Republic Veronica Beard

3. Leather Pants - Leather pants are making another run for it in the trends this Fall; not only in the traditional black but also in colors. I've worn leather pants in the past and one evening of sweating and sticking to leather pants was enough, I really have no desire to experience it again. So, this is a trend I'll pass on but, if you haven't had that experience, go for it!

Banana Republic Anthropologie Anthropologie

Puff Vest - Really, the idea of wearing a puff vest is not new to Fall BUT, how you pair it, and whether it's a crop vest or a long vest can drastically change HOW you wear it.

Be Choose-y! Not all cuts are for all shapes.

Anthropologie - Zara - Anthropologie - Evereve

4. Sweater Vest - From preppy to vintage, over-sized to fitted, sweater vests have been HOT the last couple seasons. Wear them over a peasant blouse or layered under a blazer. It's time to bring them out again.

Anthropologie Free People

5. Colors of the Season - Luckily, we all have a couple, or more, of these colors in our wardrobes already. If you don't, no need to buy a whole new wardrobe just add a few pieces to pair with what you already have. Honestly, this topic is a whole different blog for me to write. (I'll get on that!) But, these are the colors that are prominent this Fall and Winter.

Chanel - Alexander McQueen - Valentino

Saint Laurent - Staud - Genny

Trends come and go but, classics are timeless. Adding a few items each year of color and trend give a classic wardrobe a POP of trend but, if your wardrobe is truly classic; it is not needed. Dressing should always be FUN!

Happy Wardrobing!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant

If you need a Closet Review, or Closet Edit, Personal Shopping, or want help finding that outfit for that Special event, reach out to me and we'll get you feeling confident and excited about your look and style. Kathy@KathyBanta.com

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Updated: Sep 14

I am a lover of Converse Tennies. I didn't use to like them. If fact, when I was in 6th grade, I despised them. It was 1980 and Nike was sweeping the junior highs with it's classic white shoe with its red swoosh. My parents were divorced and being thrifty so, they split up the school supply list. My dad got "gym shoes" on his list. My mother would have done the very same thing my dad did but, it was my dad who took my brother and I shopping and found us the cheapest sneakers at the time; bright red converse trainers. Oh, how I wished I had Nike shoes with the red swoosh!

But over the years, converse has stood the test of time and carved its own niche of a classic and retro look that Nike has never been able to fill.

When I saw Instagram's jadore.parisian.chic post this picture I immediately ordered a pair of green Converse trainers. I got the low tops instead of the high tops, for versatility. In this picture she has them paired with white denim, which I avoid until Spring but, a dark denim is just as cute and seasonally appropriate here in Minnesota.

Let's re-create this look.

Houndstooth Jacket: https://bit.ly/3FO4S3P https://bit.ly/3EUNnxS

Green Turtleneck Sweater: https://bit.ly/3zgkDhK https://bit.ly/3EOBiKc

JCrew White Denim: https://bit.ly/3eLDVSw

BR Dark Denim: https://bit.ly/3eJYK0P

Converse Trainers: https://bit.ly/3ENbYV2 https://bit.ly/3eZTOoR

Saint Laurent Purse: https://bit.ly/3eLdnB2

This is a look that can be worn from October to April.

It's no wonder my dad was drawn to Converse sneakers, he wore them all through high school. He and his high school basketball team from Massena Iowa went to state all four years of his high school days and winning their state division one out of the four. Right: He's going up for a lay up in his white Converse Sneakers.

Happy Wardrobing!!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist

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Updated: Aug 26

I've gotten comments on my necklaces lately and so, I thought I would share three tricks that I often use in making my long pendant necklaces into pronounced statement accessories.

1. Last week when picking my outfit to wear to the mall for shopping for a client, I put this outfit together with one long pendant necklace. I liked how the aqua played off the coral color of my blazer but, it still felt a little boring. I threw on another necklace to layer but, the layers weren't landing in the lengths I wanted them to.

Solution: I connected both chains together to make one long chain and put it around my neck twice, giving me the ability to adjusted the lengths. It worked perfectly.

below: I've connected both chains together.

By connecting the two chains together, it gave me the option of control of where the pendants land on my outfit; leeway with their lengths.

Thought: I often mix gold and silver jewelry for a richer look. Also, the aqua and emerald green pendants are complimenting each other.

Avoid Matchy-matchy.

2. When I go to my hair stylist, Sam, at Sola Salons in Burnsville, I try to get there a tad early to do a quick walk through the Unique Thrift store that is just down the block. I check out their accessories and this week I found these two necklaces. I don't like either one as they are. I don't wear choker necklaces and the "ribbon style" is out of date. The aqua pendant on the other necklace is cheap looking. But, the chain is actually a nice chain.

Solution: When I took the red pendant off the ribbon and put it on the silver chain, I had a great statement piece that will give me a punch color when I wear it. I spent $9.99 total on these necklaces to create the one I wanted. That's a pretty good deal!

I like my pendants to land anywhere from just below the sternum to the button on my jeans. Especially, when wearing foundational tops untucked, the pendant should land at the top of your belly button, to give a visual line to mark your waist.

3. When necklaces do not have chains long enough I add an extension. Mall jewelry stores sell necklace extenders but, they are only about 2 to 3 inches long. I want a more dramatic length.

Solution: I add a tennis bracelet to my necklace chain and hide it under my shirt collar or hair. A tennis bracelet is approximately 7 inches long, giving me about 4 more inches of length compared to the necklace extenders sold in costume jewelry stores.

These are my three favorite tricks to getting the right necklace for me. Play with your jewelry and mix it up to see if something that's out of date can be brought back to life.

Happy Wardrobing!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant/Stylist

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