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It's forty-five degrees and Sunny here in Minnesota today and I feel energized and hopeful. It's funny how the frigid temperatures and lack of sun can have such an effect on our outlook but, it does. It's real. I'm starting to notice the length of days getting longer and it makes me happy. I can't wait for it to be warm enough for me to sit on my deck and read in the sun (one of my favorite things to do). The warmth of the sunshine has given me a bit of Spring Fever. And I'm thinking about the Spring fashion rollouts.

Trends from year to year kind of blend into eachother and evolve from one to another. But, if you take the time to look, really look, you can see the new trends featured from store to store. As I've been shopping I've seen several themes standing out amongst the choices.

  1. Lavender - I've seen it in all forms of clothing from sweatshirts to chiffon. It's a color that not everyone can wear. It washes me out so, instead of wearing it near my face, I'll choose a lanvender pant or a scarf tied to my purse strap.

2. Athleisure fabrics - I love that we're seeing casual fabrics appear in more elevated styles. The future of suits never looked more comfortable. Of course, we'll still be required to wear shirts that cover to the office but, put a black silk tee under this suit and it could go to the boardroom.

3. Hoodies - We've seen this for the last couple years with Veronica Beard blazer's becoming so popular but, I am in love with this fresh take on a blazer/hoodie combo. It's rich.

4. Busy prints - We'll see lots of color and lots of prints on prints this Spring. It's not boring but again, not everyone will find joy in this boldness.

5. Wide Legged and Jogger Pants - They've been around for awhile and they're sticking around for the time being. They are comfy and easy. And... after a season of working from home, comfort has become much more of a demand.

6. Frills - After being cooped up in our sweats and tees for so stinkin' long, fashion is answering with a pendulum swing offering clothing options with ruffles and collars and feminine details.

7. The Bra - This is a trend that I cringe thinking of because for every girl that wears it right, there are twenty-five that don't. It just can be a really bad style choice. So, think before you do. :)

8. If you have abs of steel, you'll enjoy showing off what you've got with the different styles that are show-casing women's abs. From front cutouts to side openings, this is a playful and fun look IF you've spent the last 12 month doing crunchies in your basement.

Trends are here today and move on in just a year or two of time. These are not investment styles. Classic never goes wrong or goes away. But, if you want to add a little trendy fun to your classics, these are the top trends of Spring/Summer 2021.


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This week I went shopping with a gentleman that needed to polish his wardrobe and elevate his look. He'd taken a job in a leadership position that would interact with a wide range of people and circumstances. He needed a versatile wardrobe. I have to admit women have so many more options than men. And...for quality, men pay way more.

A quality suit is an important investment. You can not get the same result from a mall brand suit. But, if you're going to spend the money on a quality suit, you don't want to get 25% of use out of it. You want to get all it's worth. Our goal is to invest in the suit and find multiple ways to wear it.

Let's start with this beautiful blue Canali suit, a blue David Donahue dress shirt and tie. This combo will go to the boardroom, the courtroom, a formal dinner with clients, presenting an award or a wedding.

But, Let's say you need to meet clients/friends for beers and dinner. Pairing your suit coat with a crisp white shirt, denim and dress shoes will bring your suit into a more business casual look. You'll still look professional but, you'll be dressed appropriately for the atmosphere.

Now, let's say you're taking your gal for a Saturday morning drive for brunch at a cafe by the ocean. Pair your blue suit coat with a navy t-shirt and a pair of casual trousers.

Now...you have three completely different looks to one suit blazer.

Don't let your Quality Suit sit in your closet waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it as a complete set. No, get your full use of it by breaking it up and wearing it in different ways.

Twin Cities Personal Stylist

Call to make your appointment to shop with me and get your wardrobe elevated to a new level.



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This is my Monday Memories post. It's suppose to be a flashback, and it is, but it's also showing off my son's senior picture. My senior pic was taken in 1986. And my son's was taken this past September. I compare the two and I think my boy takes after his father. LOL (Actually, he looks like a combo between my Grampa Charlie, his namesake, and his Grandpa John.) He's a cutie!

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