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Living in Yellow Grand Opening Door Sign

Last week I travelled to Ft Wayne, Indiana to spend a week with my brother and sister-in-law, Dan and Susan. We spent the weekend in Michigan at their cabin. It was pretty chilly and rainy, making it the perfect weather to avoid the lake and attend the grand opening of Erin Schrader's "living in yellow" boutique.

I had never heard of Erin but, my sister-in-law was a big fan and when I went to Erin's Instagram page, I saw that she had more than a casual following. We drove from the cabin deep into Amish country. We passed beautiful country homes with sturdy barns and horses grazing in fields while clothes hung out to dry on front porches. We arrived in Middlebury, Indiana and stopped at the town's central stop light. Across from us was a horse and buggy that, like us, was waiting for the light to turn. We began looking down streets for the yellow and white balloons Susan had seen in a photo on Instagram. Sure enough, there they were!

113 E Warren St. Middlebury, IN 46650

Walking in the front door of the boutique we could sense the excitement and hear the chatter of fun conversations. This was the second day of the opening and the buzz was still strong.

Summer Styles and Great Price Point

There was a patriotic themed table at the front of the store and I was drawn to a red dress and a pleated sun top. I wondered would they be fairly priced? This ruffled necked red tiered midi dress was priced at $79.00 and this tomato colored pleated cami was priced at $44.00. I was immediately excited! Good pricing and fun styles; I began to shop.

Here's Erin in a pink pleated cami and a staff member modelling the red tiered dress. If you follow Erin on Instagram, you will see Erin show-casing many items from her store and how to pair them plus she shares blogs on style, life and travel. She shares her favorite curling iron from Nordstrom and her favorite lotion from Target and everything in-between. Her tips and secrets are practical and fun.

Adorable Tiered Midi Dress

Erin in Pink Pleated Cami Top

Walking through the store it was fun to take in the accessories and gifting displays . Shoes and candles, earrings and necklaces, stationary and slippers; There was a wide variety of unique and fun options.

Accessories and Gifting Items

I shuffled through each rack of clothing on the main floor and then made my way upstairs to the loft where two long walls had racks of clothing hanging along them. This section was called "Erin's Closet". This area sold items that were from Erin's personal closet. I found a black faux leather extra long bomber jacket with fleece lining. I had not brought enough warm clothing with me for this trip and when I put it on I knew I needed it, not to mention it was cool and priced at only $40.00.

Gonna be FUN to wear this "Rock & Roll" Shirt Jacket
I'm loving this top for Summer

I bought a white tie front button up shirt that I've already worn with my cropped denim and red Blow Fish sneakers; super cute for Summer. The last and third item I brought home with me was a black shirt jacket with white letters on the back saying "Rock and Roll". The musician in me had to have it! What a fun shopping experience!

Follow Erin on Instagram and Facebook

I realize that many (most) of you are not going to travel to Middlebury, Indiana to Erin's store. But, you can find out more about Erin on Instagram, Facebook and shop from afar at

If you do find yourself in Middlebury, tell Erin I said "Hi" and check out her sister's home decorating store

"JOYFULLY SAID" just a block over at 402 E. Warren St.

Amish Country

Kathy Banta at Living In Yellow Boutique

Shopping is what I do and I'd love to shop with You!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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By Twin Cities Stylist Kathy Banta

Summer 2023 definitely has "a look". Some of the trends we're seeing are easy to incorporate into our wardrobes and you may already have similar items in your closet that you can pull out and use again. Some, are interesting and seem like they cycled back quickly from the last time we saw them. Honestly, I don't think there's any new ideas but, there are new ways to pair them. Let's see if any of these are exciting to you?

  1. The Summer Suit Vest - I was in love with suit vests in the 1980s. I wore them over cropped sleeved tees and I will again this Summer. But, you will see them worn as a sleeveless top option with wide legged pants or cropped denim. I'll wear mine with cut off jean shorts and sneakers, too.


2. Pendant Heart Necklaces - This is nothing new but, if you look, you'll see them EVERY-WHERE! This is a great gift for the season, too.

Nordstrom Evereve Anthropologie

3. Sheer Sleeves - In the last couple years mothers across the Midwest were frustrated by the crop top and bra-like Summer tops. The prayers for more modest trends were lifted but, you better keep praying. This Summer you'll see sheer tops to be worn over those bra-like tops.

For another fun way to wear them wear your sheer top under your suit vest.


4. Metallic - You'll see it in pants, dresses and all over in accessories. Metallic clothing trends, although they are HOT, will be short lived and lack versatility. But, a metallic purse or sandals will have a longer trend life and be classics for years to come.

Anthropoligie Zara

5. Maxi Skirts - Didn't we just get all our maxi skirts out of our closets?! Yep! They're back. This time they are here with ruffles, and layers in a prairie meets hobo vibe. Maxi skirts do not work for everyone. Just because it's in style doesn't mean it's good for all. So, be honest with yourself.

Nordstrom Anthropoligie Evereve

6. Denim Maxi Skirts - This is one of the HOTTEST Summer trends. But again, it's not for all. (It's not for me.) This look is so cool on a few and frumpy on many, giving the appearance of twenty extra pounds. Personally, I can't get past the commune vibe. But, you tall slim gals can wear these and get away with a lot more than the rest of us.

Free People Anthropologie Zara

Summer Colors - Green and Cobalt and bold deep Pink are still the trend. Here's the Pantone Summer Pallette.

7. White On White - wearing white on white on white mixing textures is a Summer trend. Another is a classic black Summer weight dress.

This past Winter seemed to last extra long but, Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner. Enjoy the season change and have fun with these Summer trends.

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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I had rotator cuff surgery the first week of January. It has been a long slow recovery. It's been boring. It's been frustrating. But, I've turned a corner and am starting to see the benefits and improvements. I started taking bookings with clients towards the end of March and into April. I am looking forward to see you all again and getting out and feeling free. :)

In the meantime, I ordered a couple items to check out and see if they were items I could recommend for Spring. The first one was a pair of black Wit and Wisdom Skinny Jeans.

When I put them on, they fit me like leggings. The sizing was right in the waist and butt but, the leg were very snug. I rarely choose the look of leggings for me to wear. I was hoping they'd have more of a denim look. I returned them.


Ab-solution High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans



I also ordered a WashLab denim front tie shirt. I thought it could be cute with skirts and shorts this Spring and even be worn under a blazer. But, when I tried it on, it ran shorter in the torso than I needed. It kept riding up showing my love handles and climbing up closer to my bust. I often buy petite options for tops so, this one is running short. It just was not the right fit for me. I would pull this top for someone who's not busty and has a slim waistline. It is adorable; just not on me.


Boxy Tie Front Denim Shirt


$98.00Previous Price


I have been looking for a basic taupe/brown loafer that I could wear with denim and ankle pants. I tried this pair of Anne Klein soft sided loafers and loved them. They are comfortable, light, flexible and have a clean line look. They're a keeper!


Arlette Loafer

$54.99 $85.00

Nordstrom RACK

Lastly, I ordered this khaki tan LIVERPOOL blazer with stretch. When I saw it online, it had a casual Chino fabric look that I liked. I'm a fan of the brand LIVERPOOL. Their products are stylish and comfortable. This blazer is 53% Cotton, 44% Viscose

and 3% Elastane. I put it on and it felt good. I could move easily in it and I liked the fit. BUT, to sell me on an item I believe it should be versatile and easily paired in three different ways. Here's what I found. (Humorous to see the pile of clothing grow behind me as I put together outfits.)


Fitted Open Front Twill Blazer



crop pant, booties, denim shirt

wide-leg pant, sneakers, shell top

shell top, ankle pants, loafers

shell top, pencil skirt, pumps (choices)

ponte sheath dress, belt, pumps

floral shell top, distress jeans, sneakers

shell top, camo shorts, belt & shoe options

It's a Keeper! This is a great blazer. As I tried it on in numerous ensembles, I kept thinking this is great blazer for traveling! The stretch and comfort, plus the versatility makes this a winning piece. It can be worn to the boardroom, the ball game, or a casual dinner with the hubby. This is an item that's a fantastic Spring purchase.

Happy Wardrobing!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant and Stylist Kathy Banta

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