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A Consult is when we chat and I listen to your wardrobe needs.  It's a great way to meet ahead of time and get acquainted.  Most clients go on to book a service but, if it's not the right service for your needs, it is no cost to you.  A consult takes about a half hour.  We can chat over coffee, schedule a zoom call, or a phone conversation.  


Personal shopping

$300/3 hours 

Often following a Closet Review clients want assistance in shopping.  It's time efficient and it's a confidence builder to have extra eyes and an honest opinion.  But, even if you haven't had a Closet Review or if you are a re-occurring client, personal shopping is a useful service.  We create a shopping list and work off of it, making the most of our time.  I arrive to the stores ahead of you and fill a fitting room with items of interest specifically for you.  This helps us hit the ground running to get the most done in our time together.  


Bringing the Stores to You

$150 an hour - with returns included 

Limited on time?  Hate the mall?  Want a more personal experience?  These are all reasons clients have me bring the shopping to the comfort of their home.  With this service, we make a list of what you are needing and wanting and I bring multiple options and sizes to you.  In the comfort of your home, you can see these items in your mirror, your lighting, and try them on with your current wardrobe.  And...I do the returns.  



(This is approximately a 3 hour service) 

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