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A Consult is when we chat and I listen to your wardrobe needs.  It's a great way to meet ahead of time and get acquainted.  Most clients go on to book a service but, if it's not the right service for your needs, it is no cost to you.  A consult takes about a half hour.  We can chat over coffee, schedule a zoom call, or a phone conversation.  



Closet Review

$300/3 hours, Typically this is a 3 hour service. 

Learning what works and what doesn't begins in the closet.  Assembling outfits from what you already own and eliminating the items that are not being useful, will lighten the weight of walking into your closet.  While we work our way through your wardrobe, I take notes and create a shopping list of items that need to be refreshed or added to create more versatility and an updated style. As you try on items of your closet I help you create outfits from your existing wardrobe that are fresh and cater to your needs and lifestyle.  

Take Away


Sometimes, the pile of items disgarded from our Closet Review  becomes one more thing to do. I am willing to remove and deliver these items to a local charity.   




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