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Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant


Hello.  My name is Kathy and I love meeting new people and helping women (and men) grow more confident in whom they are in their everyday wardrobe, or dressing for that special event.  I've always had a love for fashion but, I've also lived through physical transitions after having children and gaining weight and know the frustration of learning to dress an evolving figure.  My education in outfitting others started when working retail fitting rooms and moved on to be the longest standing stylist to work under business founder, Carly Gatzlaff, at A La Mode Wardrobing.  When Carly chose to follow a new dream, I chose to go independent and here you find me.   



Over the years, working with women in their wardrobes, helping them grow more confident in styling themselves has brought me joy.  I specialize in working with executive professionals.  My clients are Congress Women, State Judges, CEOs, Marketing Managers, Bankers, Professors, International Lawyers and they are also stay-at-home mom's managing their families and home businesses. 



This past year and the Covid lock-downs has changed many of our wardrobe demands.  I'm hearing the need for more casual business outfits for zoom meetings. 

Polished comfort clothing have become a demand for a much more relaxed work space.  I can help you transition your wardrobe to the place it needs to be. 

I am a wife of 35 years and a mom of three, ranging in ages from 18 to 33.  I recently became a proud grandma and have the photos to share.  I understand the different hats moms wear and the need for versatile wardrobing, running from the office to the kid's soccer game, or traveling and dinner meetings.  I want to help you be confident and comfortable in your clothing whatever the occasion.  I'd love to help you find the styles that fit your body type and lifestyle.  


"Fit is to fit;  it's not too big or too tight."  

"Classic never goes out. You can wear it even when you've aged one hundred years."

                                          ~  Kathy Banta


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