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Featured Boutique: Swan and Bower Emporium

My Sister-in-law had been telling me I needed to check out the new boutique in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. I've meant to for months. Friday I travelled into Cannon Falls to do a little early gardening in the local graveyard, and afterwards, my husband and I went for lunch at the Mill Street Tavern on 6th Street North. We had the salmon on a sour dough with a pineapple slice and pineapple sauce, bacon and cheese. It was fantastic!! We walked around the Falls and saw the swans. They're a new young pair to the city park. One of the former pair had passed away last year and since swans mate for life, they sent the remaining swan to a sanctuary and got a new couple, in hopes of seeing cygnets.

It was warming up outside and I was in my gardening attire but, it dawned on me that I had time to stop in and check out this new boutique. I thought, I'll avoid being noticed and just be subtle, take some pictures and get out without being seen in my garden clothes. (I didn't look very fashion-forward). But, Julie Anderson, the owner, is a good host. She greets her clientele as they come in and finds out what they're looking for; I didn't keep my secret for long. She showed me around her showroom and told us some history of the building and her journey to opening the store. She had driven by this building for years and dreamed of having a clothing store in this location. Her opportunity came at the perfect time and the emporium just celebrated its one year anniversary.

Swan and Bower Emporium is on the corner of 4th Street and Main. Coming into Cannon Falls from Hwy 52, you can't miss it! The beautiful building stands proudly on the corner. When I walked in the front door my eyes were delighted with the beautiful displays of candles and honey, ceramic birds and flower vases, art and children's novelty toys and books. If you need a gift, this is the place to come. Each section had displays that drew me in to investigate and see what was offered.

Beyond the front room was a larger room with women's clothing and a small section for men's. Julie said that since she was a mom of sons, she wanted to remember the guys, too.

The first item I picked up was this Kut from the Kloth denim jacket for $109.00. Kut from the Kloth is a quality on-trend brand that I often pick up for clients at Nordstrom. Cannon Falls is about an hour from the Mall of America and I thought to myself, "how great to have a retail option of this caliber in town"!

As I moved from section to section I saw the jeans hanging above on display and pulled a pair out to see the embroidery detail on the cuff. These Charlie B. jeans were selling for $79.99. This is why I love small-town boutiques; I can find unique pieces with details and personality that the chain stores aren't carrying. I can see Julie's good eye for product that women want.

I moved on and took several shirts to the fitting room to try on. This teal flouncy short sleeve top by MINE sells for $29.99 and this THML golden floral patterned top sold for $54.99. I took home the floral top.

As I purchased this blouse Julie told us about the luxury short term apartment on the upper level that had been made into an Airbnb; the pictures are lovely.

I will be returning to Swan and Bower Emporium next time I'm in Cannon Falls. I understand why my sister-in-law was giving it rave reviews. It's worth the stop! Even better, make a girls trip of it. Stay at the Airbnb and come shopping, get lunch at the Mill Street Tavern and walk across the street to the Cannon River Winery for a little music and a glass of wine. I love Cannon Falls!

Happy Shopping!

Shopping is what I do and I'd love to shop with You!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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