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Travel in Comfort and Style

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This past Summer my family travelled a bit more than our typical and so, we got much more comfortable with airports and airplanes.  Although, we got more relaxed with finding our way around airports, I noticed that so many people had gotten much too relaxed in their presentation.  I saw a woman in pajama pants and a spaghetti strap camisole with no bra.  It was too much information.    

I don't mind leggings when paired with a cute tunic and fun shoe but, we saw so many women in leggings and crop shirts or leggings and sloppy T-shirts.  One thing about leggings, they tell ALL one's secrets.  I prefer not knowing this imformation and I sure am not going to tell mine! 

On one occasion, while my teenage son and I sat waiting for my husband to park the car, we started to count the women passing us, keeping track of the ratio of women wearing leggings in every twenty women that passed us.   We did this about ten times.  We got 8 out of 20, 14 out of 20, 16 out of 20, 6 out of 20, 13 out of 20.  Get the point?  There were a lot of women wearing leggings at the airport, and I tell you, the majority of them needed a travel wardrobe lift.  

Winter get-aways are just around the corner.  So, here are some comfortable - stylish travel suggestions.   

1.   When travelling, comfort is the goal. 

So, let's start with our feet.  A pair of tennis shoes can be adorable with a pair of joggers or cuffed denim.  My most comfortable shoes are my Halogen derby shoes but, I made the error of wearing them for the first time on a long trip

where we ran to catch our ​​connecting flights.  By the time we made our destination I had very sore feet.  (Thank goodness for flip flops to change into at our destination.)  A pair of comfy booties are great, too.  It just depends on you're personal style and comfort.  

Faux pas; exposed toes on a plane is a no-no.  


 2.  Dress in layers.

LOOK: shiny black leggings, white tee, long gray cardigan, Original Achilles Sneaker, sleeping mask

It seems to me that I'm either ridiculously hot or I have goose bumps.  Wearing layers makes it easy to take one off and still look presentable.  Typically, I'm not a fan of oversized scarves; they often overwhelm a woman's body.  But, in this case, a large scarf can be used as a blanket option.  I'd much rather use my own scarf than ask for a blanket on a plane.  (I'm a slight germaphobe.)

LOOK: blanket scarf
LOOK: blanket scarf

3.  Comfortable pant options. 

Here is where leggings and joggers, or flex fabrics, are the desired attire.  But, just because we're dressed comfortable doesn't mean we lack a sophisticated look; style is still key.  One of my favorite stores for travel attire is Athleta.  Many of their styles are fresh and usable for everyday wear with fabrics that are made for moving.  


blue Nikes, blue travel bag  , sunglasses                      black skinny jeans, wool coat,                                                                                                             ballet flats, statement necklace,                                                                                                        cream purse

Wishing you a wonderful Winter getaway, travelling in Comfort and Style.

Stylist Kathy Banta

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