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2021 Handbag trends

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I hate trading out my handbag. It just takes too much of an effort. But, I know many of you have great fondness for having that perfect bag for each outfit. I have my share of handbags but, I tend to use the same one all season and throw it out when it gets worn out. I'm pretty tough on my bags so, I don't invest in trendy bags. I get trendy ones at Target or Nordstrom Rack. To me, it's best to invest in my workbag that will truly get put to the test.

But, for those of you curious about what's happening in purse trends; here we go!

Neon -

You will see plenty of bright colors being featured in handbags this year. It's interesting how the 2021 Pantone colors are much more muted in tone but, these bright/neon colors will be bold and fun accents against the muted Spring colors.

Straw -

Straw bags are a timeless classic each Spring/Summer. But, this year's straw bags have embellishments and unique structure to them. You know it's summer when you see the straw bags!

Netted -

A netted bag isn't anything new but, we'll see it this year in neons with leather and unique handle features to make it a bit more of a statement. I like these; they're interesting.

Over-Sized (Way Over-Sized) -

There is nothing new under the sun and that is true of an over-sized bag. Yet again, it's about the shape and features of the bags that make them original to this season. These bags are large enough to carry a change of clothing for the whole family, although I don't recommend it. I've lived long enough to not want the back pain some of these could create.

Miniature -

From extreme to extreme we'll see a lot of miniature bags. But, just because they are small doesn't mean they'll cost less. I like this trend. I could see these pieces sticking around a little longer and being stylish travel favorites.

Slouchy -

They call it the "slouchy" look but, to me, it's more like ruching on the handles. I think this will be a short lived trend. I won't be spending money on this one.

Triangle Structure -

I saw no mention of it in any of the write ups about hand bag trends but, in the runway features, I saw a repeat trend of triangle structure. I don't know! It's what I saw. :)

I'm not a handbag diva but, if you are your 2021 choices. Which do you like best?

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