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Frustrations I Often Find In Women's Closets

Updated: Mar 4

Women hire me to come into their closets for a number of reasons. Often they have hit a wall and like their clothes but, are having a hard time putting them into outfits. Other times they've gotten a promotion and they're wardrobe is too casual. Maybe they've gained weight or lost weight and they're not sure of fit anymore. Here are a few things that I often find in closets that could be helpful to you.

  1. Foundational Pieces - When women say they are having a hard time putting outfits together that often means they're missing foundational pieces. I love wearing blazers! If I'm gonna buy something, I'm drawn to a fun statement piece blazer. But, a statement blazer is worthless without the shell top underneath. Shell tops are kind of boring to buy but, they make your wardrobe come together.

2. Textures and Patterns - Sometimes when I'm in women's closets they have quite a few shell tops but, they've collected shell tops with patterns that are dated or so busy that they're hard to pair with third piece items (blazers, cardigans). If you have a jacket with a heathered texture, you won't want to pair it with a textured top or an overly busy pattern. The texture and pattern will compete with the texture or pattern of the jacket. (Rules are meant to be broken and sometimes this does work but, most of the time it doesn't.) On the other hand, if you lean towards solid colored suiting or third piece items, you may want to add some interest to your outfit with a print in your foundational tops. Remember, prints cycle in and out with the color and print tends. They will only be useful for about five years.

3. Sizing - Another problem I often come across is women being modest or doubtful of their proper size, erroring on the generous side, wearing a size, or two, too large. When we wear clothing too big it makes us look frumpy and sloppy, and it puts the appearance of weight on us. I worked with a beautiful petite professional woman who had bought a lot of clothing just before I visited her closet. She was little in stature. Wide leg pants are really in right now and she'd bought about six pairs with pleats. You have to be really careful with pleats because if they don't land in the right place on your tummy, they just make it look rounded. She could totally rock the wide leg pant but, she had purchased too large of a size and the pleats were overwhelming her small body. Maybe the pleats would have worked in a smaller size but, all I had to go off of was what she had in her closet and it wasn't flattering.

4. Shoes - I'm amazed at how long women keep their shoes. My former boss, Carly Gatzlaff use to say, "Start your outfit with your shoes". I don't know about that but, I can tell you that your shoes tell a lot about you. They aren't a finishing touch; they are just as important as the blazer or the pant. Here are signs you need to replace your shoes.

  • the heel is scratched

  • the toe is peeling

  • the lining is disintegrating

  • you avoid wearing them due to discomfort

For a professional attire, basic shoe needs are black, brown, and nude.

5. Finishing Touches - Rarely, but sometimes, the only thing a client needs are some finishing touches to complete their looks. A watch, belts, a necklace or purse. These are items that can be used over and over completing an outfit.

Basic for belts, watches and purses are just like the basics of shoes; it's good to have a black, brown and colorful option.

Basics for necklaces are a long and short option.

It's always interesting going into women's closets, listening to what their frustrations are and figuring out solutions. Every woman is unique.

If you find yourself stumped and are finding it frustrating to dress each morning, maybe it's time to make an appointment with me.

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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