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Featured Boutiques: Dugo & Wild Ivy

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Women often ask me what's my favorite store, and honestly, I really don't have one. I'm a bit eclectic and like to find unique pieces, everywhere I go. But, I do like to discover new and different shops around the Twin Cities as I go into my client's neighborhoods. Most women have a go-to shop and maybe you'll find that place here.

Last week, I took some time to walk around the 50th and France shopping corner.

That area has changed so much in the last couple years. For as long as I can remember 50th and France has been Known for it's retail options. But, it had draw backs. It was frustrating searching for parking and in the Minnesota Winters, walking from store to store became an outdoor challenge. The changes made are smart and will be beneficial for years to come. The Nolan Mains Residences opened about three years ago along the north side of the intersection. Retail spaces are on the ground floor mirroring pre-existing retail with a pedestrian path winding it's way between the shops. Parking has improved greatly with the "North" parking ramp and it's 545 free parking spaces.

On the northwest corner of the shopping block, to the south of the "North" parking ramp, sets Dugo's temporary pop-up shop. Dugo use to be located in the Galleria but, has temporarily moved to 3919 Market St in Edina. Their new location will be just a couple doors down at 3935 Market St, opening on April 15th.

When I walked into their temporary space, it was filled to the brim with bright and bold feminine statement pieces. I kept seeing one more thing and one more thing that I wanted to check out or try on. Here are a few of the items that caught my eye.

This beaded floral pouch with navy satin foundation and bright bold colors. Simply lovely. Price: $185.00

Textures make me happy. So, of course, I had to try on this grey camo vest by Blanc Noir. It ran a bit too long for my height. Price: $159.00

This Johnny Was embroidered tunic screams "Summer is around the corner!"

Price: $298.00

Dugo is a must-stop when searching for formal wear options. Whether looking for that Mother-of-the-bride look or a dress for that gala event.

Looking forward to seeing their permanent space that will open in just two weeks. They are the place to go for beautiful, glamourous items with an artistic flair. One can not help but, enjoy being a girl at Dugo.


Wild Ivy is right next door to Dugo's temporary space. They couldn't be more different. Wild Ivy has a large open airy floor space with stucco walls and natural color pallet giving it an earthy feel. Wild Ivy has only two locations; one in Arizona, the original store, and this one at 3933 Market Street in Edina.

I liked how visible each area of the store was and with each display I could see everything offered. My favorite pieces were their shoes.

James Chelsea Boots priced: $188.00

Sunrise Sunset Sneakers priced: $139.00

Wild Ivy is passionate about partnering with women owned businesses who share their vision for fashion being more sustainable, ethical and good on your skin.

Whether you prefer the bold colorful glamour of Dugo or the natural feel of Wild Ivy, 50th and France has these and much more to offer.

Well worth a visit any time and season.

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist-Kathy Banta

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