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I Want a Fun Raincoat!

When I was a little girl I had a purple umbrella with a picture of Mary Poppins on the it. Oh, how I loved that umbrella! It made me look forward to a rainy day! Purple was my favorite color and Mary Poppins was "cool".

Honestly, I need the sunshine but, the earth needs some rainy days speckled in between the sunny days so, we might as well find ways to make those rainy days joyful. For me, I find joy in textiles! If I'm gonna step out into a soggy world, I want to at least look cute soggy! Here are some finds that I have found that you may find joy in, too!

I love Camo!! I have a ton of it in my wardrobe. This Blanc Noir raincoat found at Nordstrom would fit right in. But, if you like a little different twist to the typical, it comes in a soft blue and white camo option, too. $199.00

This Modern Eternity raincoat has a maternity panel that can be zipped in during that last trimester and it can be removed to be worn all the rest of your days. Truly ingenious! $99.50

Modern Eternity has really good outerwear for the mom-to-be.

This yellow Moose Knuckles raincoat just makes me happy! But, priced at $450.00, it is an investment piece. At this price, it better be able to turn into a life boat, if needed! LOL But, with that said, if I lived in an area that had rainy seasons, this would not be an unreasonable price to pay. But, here in Minnesota where the rain comes a little here and there before the arctic winter winds, I'd rather put my money into my Winter coat.

This over-sized raincoat, "poncho" style from H & M in beige plaid is only $59.99 and is a timeless style. It looks great with the tall rain boots!

I really like this NYLT gingham raincoat but, I wish they'd left their branding on the inside label. Because the branding is visible, it's not as timeless. It does give it more of a trendy, edgy look and may lean more casual. $89.97

There is something about this Joules floral print that takes me back to the early seventies and nostalgia hits me. I can't decide whether I'm a fan of this jacket or not but, it does hit a cheerful tone and cheerful is good. On sale $59.97 Joules coats come in fun prints.

This Easy Tiger Print Hooded Calvin Klein rain jacket is definitely fun, on sale for $45.42 at Dillard's. Perfect with jeans!

It's Fall and we are sure to have some rainy days here and there. The dreariness can be calming but, it can also be a real downer. Pick the day up with a bit of cheerful outerwear and get out into it!

Happy Wardrobing!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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