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Organizing Dresser Drawers

Early in January I had rotator cuff surgery and for two and a half weeks I spent a lot of time trying to find a good position to sit in that decreased the discomfort in my arm. I got bored and needed to find mental distractions but, I couldn't do big projects or long projects because my body was aching. So, I started cleaning up and organizing my dresser drawers one-at-a-time.

I'm embarrassed to say my dresser had gotten to a messy state. I think this is pretty normal. When we are working at a steady pace, we don't always have time to tidy up on our way out the door.

First, I started with my jewelry drawer. Yes, I have one dresser drawer for my jewelry. I have other jewelry boxes but, they are full of heirlooms and impractical items that are special to me that I don't wear. This drawer holds my costume jewelry, nothing pricey just fun. I tend to wear classic style clothing that stand strong as trends come and go but, I do indulge in jewelry trends and have a fun collection of color. I'm going to say this over and over but, if we can't see what we have in our wardrobes (dressers), we won't remember that its there and we won't use it.

Looking at this drawer, you wouldn't know that my favorite earrings are housed here. I have gotten messy and disorganized and I need to bring it back to order. How could I ever see my options with this drawer looking like this?

I began to organize by taking everything out of the drawer and creating piles for items I no longer wanted. I had a number of glasses that I didn't wear yet, they were the right prescription for me. I realized I was guilting myself into keeping them. I went through and put the ones I always avoided into a donation box. I separated the earrings into groupings by color and tossed several that were tarnished and tired looking. When I was done this drawer was useful again and brings me joy to open.

Second, I straightened my sock drawer. My sock drawer wasn't in that bad of shape. A couple years ago while doing closet organizing for a client, I had come across these sock organizers at The Container Store.

That is a dangerous store! There are so many useful tools for organization there. Every time I go, I come out with something that makes life easier. (I love their Recycling tubs!)

Anyways, I got this grid for my socks and it has made seeing my sock options so much easier. If I can see my options, I use my options. Plus, it keeps me from over buying socks. This drawer is full; I don't need more socks.

Just a slight shift around of socks and my drawer is pleasant to open again.

Third, I have a drawer that holds my camies and tank tops. I use them more in the Summer under silk blouses so, I haven't opened this drawer as of late. But, when I did open it I was disappointed in myself for leaving it in disarray.

Separating the camies and tanks in sections by color: navy, cream, gray, nude, reds and black, I folded them in the Marie Kondo way. It looks so much more pleasing! Note: My favorite camisoles/tanks are by Ann Taylor and Cuddl Duds.

Fourth, The underwear drawer! Do you have favorite underwear? I think it's kind of funny but, I do. I use drawer dividers in my underwear drawer; a row for shape wear, a row for everyday wear and a row for uncomfortable impractical pretty wear. There are seasons when I'm in suits and business attire that I pull from my shape wear more often and then, there are weeks when I'm living in jeans or shorts and I'm pulling from the comfortable everyday wear. No matter what your wear for underwear, it's the same rule over and over. If you can see it, you'll wear it, but if you can't; you won't.

When you go through your underwear, sock and cami drawers make sure to look everything over, tossing those that may be fraying or the elastic is giving out. There is nothing worse than wearing underwear that has lost its elasticity!

There's no need to wait for Spring to do a cleaning sweep through your dresser. And if you don't have time to tackle your whole dresser in one sweep, tackle one drawer at a time.

Things to ask yourself: Do I wear this? Is it still in style? Is it in wearable condition? If the answer is "no" to any of these it's time to toss the item or donate it.

Happy Organizing!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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