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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

When the winter snow melts and the sun is out more than not, I get this urge to start cleaning the house. I mean "really clean". I not only polish, I go through and throw out items that are just taking up space. It didn't hurt that I watched a couple episodes of the show "Hoarders"and was horrified by the amount of things people kept.

Tuesday, I went through my dresser. I tried on every item and kept it only if it fit and if I felt good about wearing it. That feeling of "blah" is quite telling and if I felt that, I let the item go.

Wednesday, I sorted and straightened my Master bathroom's storage spaces. Oh, that feels so nice to open the cupboard with everything in it's proper place.

And Thursday...I went through my closet.

It's time to put away the wool and bring out the linen. I tried on all the winter clothes in my closet this week: the sweaters, the dresses, the pants, the shirts, the blazers and shoes. I had a pretty good idea of what I'd keep and what was questionable because I had been using the backwards hanger system to know what I had worn and what I hadn't this past Fall and Winter.

The backwards hanger system is when you wear it, you turn the hanger backwards. It doesn't take long to spot the items that are avoided or not useful. The question becomes "why am I not wearing this item"?

I hadn't worn very many dresses this year due to being home more with the Covid restrictions. That was interesting to see when I tried them on which ones had lost their joy and draw to me. I filled three garbage bags to the brim with clothing that was no longer useful to me and took them to a donation center. I actually threw a small amount away, too. I found a pair of navy pumps that had been so useful a year or two ago that had begun to disintegrate on the inside of the shoe. Pitched them!

When I go through closets with my clients, and as I went through my own, the goal is to be able to walk into your closet and know that everything fits, is ontrend, and you feel good in each item. I had a burnt orange blazer that I had worn twice, in fact I had worn

it the week before to church. Both times I had worn it, I had felt dowdy. I couldn't figure out what was a-miss so, I passed it on. I don't want to feel "dowdy" and neither do you.

So, if you are spring cleaning and going through your wardrobe, there are several questions you should ask yourself as you try on each item.

  1. Have you worn it in the last year? If not, why not?

  2. How is the fit? Are the shoulder seams landing on your shoulders; not drooping down over the bend of your shoulder? Are the sleeves the right length? Are those jeans flattering and do they feel good when you wear them? When you put on those pumps do your feet cringe?

  3. Is this item still relevant? Is it on-trend or has its time past?

  4. Most importantly - How do you feel when you put this item on?

I am making my way room by room through the house and when I begin to lose steam, I plan to watch another episode of "Hoarders". I'm sure the passion to sweep and dust and sort will come right back! LOL

Kathy Banta

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