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Replacing old favorites

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I'm gonna snitch on myself. I have a thing for white jackets during the Summer months. I have four white jackets that I bring into my wardrobe every Summer. One is a blazer from WHBM, one is a long boyfriend blazer from Ann Taylor, one is a denim/cotton blend safari style jacket from Macy's (that the brand tag has been ripped out of ) and lastly, there is this white "relativity" brand safari style jacket in linen.

I love this one! It's been my favorite Summer go-to for years. The linen is breathable and the way it wrinkles gives it a casual chic look. BUT...this jacket, that I absolutely love, is warn out. There are gaping holes in both armpits. It has given me all it can give yet, the thought of throwing it out pains me.

I have been searching for it's replacement for a year. I've seen items in my client's closets in this state and I've encouraged them to move on and let it go. But, it's easier said than done.

Seriously, I'm a wardrobe consultant; I can't be wearing a jacket with ripped out armpits! :)

My favorite local boutique is "Style Niche" . I decided to stop by and take a peek this week. Sometimes, I try to avoid this place, like avoiding the temptation of ice cream, because it's always good and temptation to buy is always there! While combing the racks, I told the sales woman that I was looking for a casual white jacket. She pulled this zip up out of a rack of "only-one-left" items. I liked it! I bought it.

The brand is "wearables". I have a couple of jackets from this brand and they are comfortable and the cut of the jackets are flattering giving me the illusion of a curve from waist to hip, which I like because I am really straight.

I will be wearing this unzipped over tank tops with a pair of denim shorts, camo shorts or a skort.

There will be a solemn moment this week as I let my old linen safari jacket go.

But, it's time to move on!


Here are a couple outfit ideas and links to creating casual outfits with a white jacket.

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