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Get Me A Quick Suit!

This Spring, my son's school said there would be a prom but, they didn't give details and they didn't sell tickets for the longest time. We began to doubt it would happen and then two weeks before the event they started selling them for five dollars. Five dollars for prom didn't make sense to me so, I called and found they were having a Grand March; not a full Prom. By this time, it was a week before the Grand March was to take place. This is my son's senior year and this year has been very much a "hurry up and wait" or "change of plans" year due to Covid rules and the ripple effect of Covid rules. Well, with the school not hosting a prom, my husband and I decided to host a Prom party in our backyard for my son and a few of his friends.

We did not see the need, nor had the time, to rent a tux and we heard that most of the guys attending were going in suiting anyways. So... I put my skills to work and worked quick. I am not a regular Kohl's shopper but, they do have a decent men's clothing section so, I gave it a go.

All my clients know that I try to find a good deal and shopping for my son was no different. I walked to the clearance rack to see what they had. I found a Van Heusen plaid blazer regularly $160.00 on sale for $24.00! This would be the foundation for his outfit. Next, I searched for trousers and found a navy Haggar Iron Free trousers for $50.00 that matched the navy stripe in the plaid of the blazer. I snatched up a crisp white Van Heusen dress shirt regularly $60.00 on sale for $9.80 and a blue on blue paisley Apt. 9 tie regularly $36.00 for now only $6.80!

Yep, I got his whole Prom suit for $90. 60 !! Less than a tux rental for sure!

I know this isn't how it always goes but, I share this story to let you know it is possible to find the perfect outfit on sale. With an open mind and a creative eye, your polished look is out there. He looked great and felt great. He preferred this style to a tux and felt more true to himself.

I love that he will have this suit in his closet to pull for future events. Going forward, he can wear this blazer with jeans and tshirt and the pants could easily be paired with a plaid shirt and sweater; a good interview option.

When life throws the unusual (lemons),

let's make the best lemonade! It's been a strange year but, one of the positives that I've seen from it, is the creativity that many have used. Let the creativity continue!

Stylist Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant, Twin Cities Personal Stylist, Minneapolis/St Paul Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper, Number One Twin Cities Stylist, Image Consultant, Professional Attire, Closet Review/Analysis,

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