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A Whole Lot of Puff

Do you remember in 2016 when the bell sleeves appeared in clothing? We saw it come in on sleeves of blouses and then dresses. Pretty soon blazers and sweaters had bell sleeves too. Then it evolved into a puff at the end of the sleeve, like the one in the dress I'm wearing in the picture to the right. I remember thinking I needed dramatic sleeves in my wardrobe to be on-trend.

Right: Picture taken by Lucy Stange in 2018.

I love this dress and the big poofy sleeves. But, trends come and go. This sleeve has almost run its course and I'll have to retire this dress.

Walking through the Mall, there is no doubt what the next sleeve trend is: huge puff sleeve at the shoulder and down. I've seen them in every store; some more dramatic than others.

But, the puff sleeve is not for everyone. It will look great on gals small in stature. And gals with narrow shoulders, wanting to add a little more balance to their shape can embrace this. But, this is a trend that I will admire from the sidelines. I do not need to add any more puff/poof to this body of mine. (I have enough natural poof that I'm trying to camouflage. ha!)

But, for those of you that want to join in the trendy fun, here is a glimpse of what I'm seeing.

brand: Alice + Olivia






Alice + Olivia


Banana Republic





Whether you wear this trend or not, this most definitely is a trend and it will come and go and the next trend will appear. But for now, this is what's HOT in the sleeve styles.

Happy Wardrobing!

Minneapolis Personal Stylist Kathy Banta

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