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Denim Jacket Review

When I'm hired to go into a woman's closet to assess what she has and what she needs to make her wardrobe more versatile, I look to see if she has a denim jacket. Three out of four woman do but, only about one of the four has a denim jacket that fits correctly. Denim jackets are a real Spring/Fall must have but, they can be worn year round.

In the Summer months, a lighter weight denim in white or a washed out light blue is preferred. In the Fall and Winter, darker shades of blue or black and heavier weight fabrics keep us warm.

Before the Covid lockdown, I was seeing so many companies going more business casual. I got called to help leaders find professional looks that weren't so starchy. For an in-office day working with their staff, my clients were needing a more approachable and comfortable style, and yet, still an elevated look. Jeans were not appropriate but, a denim jacket could be. Now, that so many are going back to the office, I'm hearing this more than ever. We want our polished comfort. This makes the denim jacket a must-have item in your wardrobe.

Denim jackets for decades were a Fall outdoor coat option, and they still are but, they are also a casual chic option that can replace your blazer or be paired with a dress to give it a more approachable, casual vibe.

When choosing a denim jacket for casual attire, make sure that the shoulder seam is at the top of your shoulder; not drooping off the side. You want it to be fitted but, flexible. I never button my denim jackets so, for me, it's about the look when they are unbuttoned. The jacket should land between your waist and your hip bone for length. We want a more tailored look to go to work/dinner. A boxy jean jacket is meant for outdoors layering. (As a size reference to my comments below, I wear a size 10/12 in tops and blazers.)

Price - $78

Size tried - Large

Fit - It is styled to be long in the torso and it definitely ran long with a country vibe to its look. The fabric was a light weight, perfect for Spring/Summer. 58% cotton, 26% polyester, 14% rayon, 2% spandex

Color - Medium blue

Review - It ran generous and had too much stretch in it. Meant for outdoor wear.

Price - $69

Size tried - Medium and Large

Fit - Boyfriend (boxy)

Color - light blue

Review - Since it's a boyfriend cut, it's meant to be a bit room-y. The medium fit me right. I was swimming in the large. It's 100% cotton with no stretch to the sturdy thick denim. Definitely meant for outdoor wear.

Price - $89

Size tried - Large

Fit - It's called the "Trucker" fit which is classic. True to size.

Color - medium/dark blue

Review - The fit was perfect. The stretch was just enough and not too much. This would definitely be a versatile jacket that could be dressed up or down.

53% cotton, 23% REPREVE® recycled polyester, 22% rayon, 2% spandex

KUT denim jackets are one of my favorites to purchase for my clients. I think that the KUT brand lends itself well to curvy girls with more curve from waist to hip.

Price - $109

Size tried - Large

Fit - Runs slightly generous with plenty of stretch to it. 95% cotton, 4% polyester, 1% spandex

Color - light blue with a retro vibe

Review - medium weight to the denim. I'm a fan of Liverpool products. They are quality and edgy.

Price - $79.50

Size tried - Medium and Large

Fit - True to size

Color - dark blue

Review - The size large fit me perfect. The medium was too small and uncomfortable. 99% Cotton. It had the perfect amount of stretch for movement. There's nothing like Levi's! To me, this is the perfect denim jacket. This is a really good option for gals who are built straight through the waist to hip. It's classic and can be dressed up or worn on a walk in the woods. There was stretch in the fabric but, it wasn't overdone and was a medium weight for Fall.

Price - $59.50

Size ordered - Medium and Large

Fit - plenty of stretch in the fabric. The size Large was longer in the torso and a bit too wide in my shoulders. The size medium was too small and very tight in the arms. 58% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 15% Viscose, and 2% Spandex

Color - dark blue

Review - It is a nice medium weight denim with classic detailing. But, I can not recommend this jacket because of it's vast size variance between the medium and large. It's a "try on before you buy" jacket.

Price - $79.50

Size ordered - Medium and Large

Fit - The large fit me and the Medium was uncomfortably snug. 100% Cotton

Color - dark blue

Review - Classic look with minimal stretch. Medium weight denim. This is a quality choice.

Price - $98

Size ordered - Medium and Large

Fit - true to size

Color - Black

Review - a black denim jacket is a fun change from the norm. This jacket is 100% Cotton with no stretch. The medium fit me in this jacket. The large was slightly over- sized. I really liked the look of this product.

A denim jacket is just one item that can make your closet more versatile and give your wardrobe some personality. If you are going back to work and finding yourself frustrated on what to wear, give me a call. I can help make your first decisions of the day - easy.

Above: My daughter, Kacie

Below: My niece, Indy

Happy Wardrobing!!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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