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Finagling Necklaces

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I've gotten comments on my necklaces lately and so, I thought I would share three tricks that I often use in making my long pendant necklaces into pronounced statement accessories.

1. Last week when picking my outfit to wear to the mall for shopping for a client, I put this outfit together with one long pendant necklace. I liked how the aqua played off the coral color of my blazer but, it still felt a little boring. I threw on another necklace to layer but, the layers weren't landing in the lengths I wanted them to.

Solution: I connected both chains together to make one long chain and put it around my neck twice, giving me the ability to adjusted the lengths. It worked perfectly.

below: I've connected both chains together.

By connecting the two chains together, it gave me the option of control of where the pendants land on my outfit; leeway with their lengths.

Thought: I often mix gold and silver jewelry for a richer look. Also, the aqua and emerald green pendants are complimenting each other.

Avoid Matchy-matchy.

2. When I go to my hair stylist, Sam, at Sola Salons in Burnsville, I try to get there a tad early to do a quick walk through the Unique Thrift store that is just down the block. I check out their accessories and this week I found these two necklaces. I don't like either one as they are. I don't wear choker necklaces and the "ribbon style" is out of date. The aqua pendant on the other necklace is cheap looking. But, the chain is actually a nice chain.

Solution: When I took the red pendant off the ribbon and put it on the silver chain, I had a great statement piece that will give me a punch color when I wear it. I spent $9.99 total on these necklaces to create the one I wanted. That's a pretty good deal!

I like my pendants to land anywhere from just below the sternum to the button on my jeans. Especially, when wearing foundational tops untucked, the pendant should land at the top of your belly button, to give a visual line to mark your waist.

3. When necklaces do not have chains long enough I add an extension. Mall jewelry stores sell necklace extenders but, they are only about 2 to 3 inches long. I want a more dramatic length.

Solution: I add a tennis bracelet to my necklace chain and hide it under my shirt collar or hair. A tennis bracelet is approximately 7 inches long, giving me about 4 more inches of length compared to the necklace extenders sold in costume jewelry stores.

These are my three favorite tricks to getting the right necklace for me. Play with your jewelry and mix it up to see if something that's out of date can be brought back to life.

Happy Wardrobing!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant/Stylist

St Paul/Minneapolis Wardrobe Stylist, Premiere Twin Cities Personal Shopping, Fashion Styling, Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Shopping and Closet Organization, Closet Analysis, Closet Edit, Closet Cleanout, Fashion Stylist, Style Consultant, Commercial Wardrobe Stylist, Professional Attire, Plus Size Fashion

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