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Find of the Week: Denim Dress

Wednesday, I have a client that I will be shopping with for Mother-of-the-groom attire. So, today I went to the Mall of America and walked around to check out the current inventory. I have to tell you, the mall stores are looking quite sparse. I'm being told that inventory is low due to several things. 1. The companies that produced fabrics/textiles are just coming back up after last years Covid lockdown. 2. Clothing manufactures are not fully staffed still, creating a slow down in production. 3. Ships are getting here but, they are having to go through more to dock and unload (due to Covid rules). 4. We, the consumer, have been buying up what IS in the stores.

Suggestion: You may want to start your Christmas shopping early.

Macy's looked spares; something I never thought I'd say. Banana Republic's inventory was there but, they did not have full size runs. Ann Taylor looked half empty! WHBM looked good but, upon closer look, they were lacking size options, too. So, if you are in need of items, let me run and search and find you options. I love finding the needle in the haystack!

Anyways, as I walked the mall today, I found this sassy three tiered denim dress at Loft. Online the sizes are limited but, I suggest checking out your local Loft because, they had a full size run at the MOA Loft. (It's running true to size.) Here are two ways to wear it.

From a Summer-y look with cognac leather sandals to a Fall look with blue suede shoes. This is a playful fun addition to my wardrobe.

above: I just threw a sweatshirt over the dress for a playful look.

Happy Wardrobing!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper - Kathy Banta

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