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Find of the Day: Zara Red Tweed Blazer

Yesterday I was walking the MOA doing a pre-shop for a client. The danger of being a personal stylist is you see things you like and you buy them. But, I don't collect clothing; I keep the best, moving the rest on. A purchase here and there keeps my wardrobe fresh.

I walked through Zara, grabbed four items and went to the dressing rooms. The dressing rooms were not open. Thankfully, all the items I wanted to try on were third piece items that I could try on in front of a store floor mirror. (And in front of all the other customers. Yikes!)

Side note: It is so strange to have stores not open because they can't staff them and fitting rooms closed because there's not enough workers. Where is the workforce?! I love being active so, you'll always see me working! I think it keeps the mind healthy and the body moving. Okay, off my soap box! :)

I found and bought this Red tweed double breasted blazer for $89.90 at Zara.

It's got broad shoulder pads and a beautiful cut that gave the illusion that I might have a waistline. This would look beautiful over an all black foundation whether that be leggings and a tank and tennies, a black suit dress and black pumps, or shell top and crop trousers and black booties. I think I will most likely pair it with denim and a white t-shirt and white sneakers. Can't wait to wear it!

Spring Styles are arriving at the Mall and this will be a GREAT addition to my Spring wardrobe.

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist - Kathy Banta

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