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Jean Review

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Shopping for a good pair of jeans is not a quick task. I compare it to shopping for a swimsuit. You pick some off the rack, go try them on, look in mirror, feel ill and do it all over again until you find that pair that makes you feel fantastic.

I've always heard that if you want a good pair of jeans, you've got to pay for them. I don't necessarily agree with that. But, how do you know unless you try them?

Last week, I pulled a handful of different brands and cuts from Nordstrom's jean section, most of them in two sizes. I wear a size 8, which is also a size 29. Out of fear that their jeans would run small, I grabbed a size up just to be sure. I am an Apple Shape. I am straight up and down; carrying my weight in my stomach area. I have no hips. So, if you are an Apple or straight shape, this will tell you a lot. If you are a curvy gal (waist smaller than hips) this will give some clues to several brands you may want to try too. Here are my reviews.

Tried on sizes 6, 8, &10

Color: Marcel (Medium Blue)

Let me say, I hate the name NYDJ. It stands for "Not Your Daughter's Jeans". If that doesn't make you feel old, what will? But, I have to say, the quality of fabric is fantastic in these jeans. The denim is sturdy and yet, not too thick. There is just the right amount of stretch; it has not been over done. There's a tag on the inside that says "Lift x Tuck Technology". Honestly, my butt felt liftend and everso youthful. LOL To top it off, I got these in a size 8 and 10 and both were too big. So, I quickly ordered a size 6 and the six fit perfectly. My husband commented on how well they fit and told me I should keep them. I did!

There are a number of different cuts and shape options in NYDJ jeans. Since I am straight through the hip, the Marilyn jean fit me nicely. If you are cuvy (smaller waist to hip ratio) this will not be the jean for you but, try a different cut.

Tried on size 30/10

Color: Marley Beach (a lighter washed blue)

These were a completely differernt cut from the NYDJ's. The NYDJ's are a straight cut leg and these are skinnies; both are a higher rise. The sts blue's are a thinner denim with a lot of stretch. I've been debating whether or not to keep them because they are priced so well and they are cute but, the stretch is feeling a bit too much and that is concerning. I typically, wear a size 29 but, the store didn't have that in stock the day I was grabbing jeans to try. I think the stretch of a size up is just too much for me to enjoy these jeans. I hate that feeling of saggy butt after I've worn a pair of jeans for a couple hours. So, these are going back. But, with that said, if you like or need a little extra stretch, these are a great price and may be worth trying!

Pockets: The pocket size/placement were really good.

Tried sizes 29 & 30

Color: blue 653

I've always heard such good things about the brand Good American. I tried a size 29/8 and 30/10 and found that they were true to size and I fit a size 8. These had a medium grade thickness to the denim and there was stretch but, it wasn't overdone; they were really comfortable. I like the medium blue wash color of the jean, too; perfect for Spring/Summer. I wanted to like these jeans but, for me, the pockets landed low on the butt and it was an immediate "NO". When pockets land low on the butt, they give a square wide look. No, Thank you.

Tried on sizes 29 & 30

Color: Blue Basin (darker wash)

AG is another highly respected jean company but, I did not find myself in love. The dark wash was nice for a polished dressier look but, the "high-waist" was somewhere between a high and mid-rise; giving me the feeling that they were sliding down. The denim was thin and there was considerable stretch. I just like a bit more structure and I want to know that they won't easily rip if next to a brick wall. Doesn't everyone find themselves sitting on brick landscaping half walls from time to time? :)

The size was right on; I landed in a size 29. But again, for me, the pockets landed too low and were doing me no favors. So...these were an easy "No".

Considering the price point of these jeans, I was disappointed. I thought that they would be miracle jeans at that price. But, as I keep saying, I will try other cuts and options from AG to see if this is consistant with their denim or an irregularity. And...just because they don't fit me, doesn't mean they won't fit you.

Tried on size 30/10

Color: Fellowship blue (where do they get these names?)

Kut from the Kloth brand is one of my favorite brands for denim jackets (jean jackets). The fabric and stretch is perfect. So, I ordered these online because I wanted more bootcut options to try. Skinny jeans are a staple but, we are finally seeing more denim shape options after a decade of the skinny jeans being King in the jean world. When I pulled these out of the box, the 29s were not included (still in transit) but, it was obvious that the 30s were generous in size and when I tried them on, they looked silly; they were too big. I am anxious to see what the 29s fit will be like, when they arrive. I do like the silhouette of the cut of these jeans. The price point is good, too. The fabric is fantastic with a little stretch and plenty of structure. The pocket placement seems to be right on.

One factor that should be noted is that the length of these jeans are very generous with a 33" inseem. So, these are a denim that you long legged gals should be trying on!

Tried on size 29/8

Color: Black Shadow

These too were true to size and were truly a mid-rise as the tag told. The color was dark but, the denim was thin; too thin for me. Although they were really soft to the touch, they had a considerable amount of stretch. They would definitely be comfy. If you like leggings, you'll like these jeans.

Tried on size 29

Color: Bennet wash (dark black)

I really like these jeans. The fit was right on and comfortable. The pockets landed in the right place and were the right proportion. Although, I tend to like sturdier denim, I liked this pair for the feel and for the look. They were truly high-waisted. Psychologically, I prefer the high-waist options; they help remind me to hold in my stomach. These had a 28.5 inseem, landing longer than some of the other choices. With this length they could be worn with heels, in boots or rolled. They were comfortable and had a polished look. These are winners.

Tried on sizes 29 & 30

Color: Starkey (dusty black)

I really liked this pair of jeans. The denim was thicker/sturdier. They have good stretch but, not overdone. They have a kind of sporty look to them. Super cute! The pockets on the butt are perfect. BUT, for me, the waist was a bit too tight on the 29s. So, I tried on the 30s and the waist felt fantastic but, then I had bagginess in the crotch. Yuck! So sadly, these are not the jeans for me. I would have loved this pair. These are definitely for gals with waistlines smaller than their hips.

This was a fun educational experience that I will do again. Jeans are always evolving and the brands are rolling out new options each season. There are so many options!! I was hoping I would find a new pair of jeans that I loved and I did; the NYDJ jeans are winners for me. Next time, I'll grab some different brands and different cuts to compare to these.

Now, on to the swimsuit search! (Lord, have mercy!)

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