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Jewelry Trends for 2021

The jewelry trends of 2021 are classics gone a new direction. We'll see linked chains, pearls, medallions, and hoop earrings. But, each are transformed from their classic look to a bold and new place.

1. Chains -

A friend of mine was in the mall last week looking at purses and commented to me afterwards that she saw "chain" details on so many accessories. It's true; chains are a big deal this season; the bolder, the better.

Louis Vuitton

Large Bold Linked Chains are on trend for this Spring. They were all over the runway shows and they are showing up strong in stores.

2. Medallions

Medallions are all over the place. I think this may be the most visible trend to hit this season. You'll see layered delicate chain necklaces with medallions of all different kinds.

Retail Options: Banana Republic, Nordstrom, JCrew

3. Pearls

"A Woman Needs Ropes And Ropes Of Pearls" - Coco Chanel

Apparently this is still true. Pearls are taking a front seat again in jewelry but, it's got a new flair. These pearls are not your mother's pearls; these are mixed and matched with chains and medallions and chokers. The rules of yester-year are gone.


Retail Options: Banana Republic, Nordstrom, JCrew

4. Hoop Earrings

When aren't hoop earrings in? But, just as pearls are timeless and chain necklaces aren't new, this season is taking all the classics in new dirrections. Hoop earrings are layered, worn single and large.

Retail Options: Banana Republic, Nordstrom, JCrew

These are just four of the most obvious 2021 Jewelry trends. What I find interesting is how they are quite mingled together. We'll see chains with pearls and madallions. We'll see hoop earrings with hoops of pearls; they're layered and put together. This year of jewelry is bold and a bit gaudy. I'm not sure what I think of it. These things usually grow on me. We'll see if these trends stick around or if they quickly fizzle out.

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