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Less is More - Statement Jewelry

I love jewelry!! Costume jewelry. But, in my everyday I typically wear my watch and a statement ring my husband bought me for my birthday.

I have a weakness for vintage brooches and clip-on earrings but, truthfully, I rarely wear them. I have a fun collection of bobble earrings and colorful bead necklaces but, once again, they're rarely worn.

Jewelry trends change somewhat swiftly compared to the fashionable jean cuts or the sleeve details of blouses. I keep all my jewelry because, I've lived long enough to see it come back around into style. Another thing I've seen is the repurposing of jewelry. When I say that, I mean thinking outside the main tasks of a piece and wearing it differently. A strand of beads wrapped around the wrist, or wearing a brooch as a pendant on a necklace or pinned into hair as a hair ornament, these are ways to wear jewelry outside of their first purpose.

My point is, it's fun to get creative and find new ways to wear these beautiful pieces.

But, when we choose to wear jewelry, there are a few tasteful rules to keep in mind. Especially when choosing to wear jewelry for formal attire.

Think about the number THREE.

  1. Choose your statement piece.

- a long dangling earring?

- a bold necklace?

- layered bracelets?

- rhinestones on your shoes?

- a big brooch?

- a ring?

- a bedazzled statement clutch purse?

If we were to wear all of these at once, it would give us the reminiscent look of when we played dress up as young girls. We are aiming for a sophisticated polished look. We don't need to wear all our beloved statement pieces to look rich and polished; we just need to choose the right ones for tasteful elegance.

When wearing a statement necklace, simplify. Choose small stud earrings or no earrings at all. We want to wear nothing that distracts or takes away from the statement of choice.

If choosing statement earrings, put distance between them and another piece of jewelry. In other words, avoid a necklace or a brooch.

Again, we want the statement jewelry of choice to not compete with any other accessory we are wearing. We want it to get full attention.

If you love brooches like I do, you want to find more ways to wear them. Brooches are, most of the time, bold show pieces. They look great on the lapel of a coat. But, here are a few more ways to wear a brooch.

Here, Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a statement brooch and a hair brooch. Notice the distance between the two statement pieces. They are similar in size and in style. And... she made the right choice to not wear earrings at all; no other piece of jewelry is competing with these beautiful pieces.

To the right, the model is wearing an oversized blazer and a large brooch with a short beaded necklace. If I were dressing her, I'd get rid of the beaded necklace and pair a simple chain necklace instead. But, it was the right choice to pair a short necklace with this large brooch, creating distance between the two pieces. And...because we want nothing to compete with the statement piece (the brooch) it was the right choice to go without a belt, too. A belt would just busy this up!

It's about choosing your statement piece and not wearing competing pieces.

Rules are meant to be broken and with the 1980s styles so prevalent in what we see in retail right now, this is true. In the 1980s we saw Madonna wear large bobble earrings with statement sunglasses and layers of necklaces and bracelets. It was all about gaudy textures but, it worked. There is a time and a place. But, if you do it, own it and rock it!

At the top of this blog I said to remember the number THREE as an easy rule when choosing jewelry. This means choosing three splashes and not going beyond.

For example, if you choose to wear bobble earrings, avoid the necklace and maybe choose a brooch and wear a watch. Creating distance between your splashes of personality.

If you choose a power necklace pair it with a statement ring and a clutch purse.

If you choose layered bracelets pair them with a short necklace or bobble earrings and statement shoes.

The rule of Three is an easy way to keep jewelry from taking over an outfit and cheapening the look.

As Fall approaches and we bring out our layers, jewelry becomes easier to accessorize with and wear.

Enjoy the textures and the joy of being a girl!

Happy Wardrobing!!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant and Stylist - Kathy Banta

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