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Magnet Fishing? Yes.

This is a little off-the-wall for me but, life brings all types of people across my path with different lifestyles and interest. Mike Polis is one interesting guy. Mike is a vlogger. He vlogs (video blogs) outdoor activities and all things water. One of his favorite interests is magnet fishing. Magnet fishing is when you drop a strong magnet into a water way and fish for metal that has been deposited into it, polluting the water. In this vlog Mike pulls large amounts of metal and even a TV from a creek under an old railroad bridge. Crazy!

You know I love a good treasure hunt in a thrift store but, this is a whole different twist from that! It's very intriguing to me. I've got to do this!!

Check out this episode of Mike magnet fishing from a train bridge and then read my wardrobing ideas.

Okay, so how does Mike's vlogging and my wardrobing intersect?

Although, I get called by clients to help them polish their look for an interview, promotion, or public event, while working in their wardrobes I take a look at their everyday wear too and help them find items that could be useful for their off-time as well.

So.... Here are some wardrobe ideas for Mike and his adventures with Magnet Fishing. Mike goes to many different locations and in a wide variety of weather conditions. So, he will need a variety of wardrobe options. Notice: I give feminine options, too, for me and the gals. :)

Rubber Boots

Ankle Boots


Women Neoprene Chest Waders - $93.49 (This is more the look I'd be going for. )

Hiking Boots

Water Shoes


Of Course! You'll need the Mike Polis T-shirt - $20.00


Wet Suit

Cargo Shorts

Cargo Pants


Work Gloves

Men's - $11.97

Women's - $3.98


BruteMagnet - $219.19 go to Mike's vlog and he'll tell you in the comments how to get an extra discount.

You know I love a good treasure hunt and this is right up my alley! I would also suggest when you are trying to think of something to do with the kids this summer, Think of Brute Magnet and inspire your kiddos to clean up the waters. Mike Polis and his adventures at or follow Mike Polis on Facebook and subscribe to his Youtube channel at .

Minnesota Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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