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Re-Create That Look

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist and Consultant Kathy Banta

I started following Veronika Lipar on instagram after finding her on Pinterest. She wrote a blog in 2018 about what her go-to Winter outfit is when running late. I love this outfit even if I'm running on time! Since any links she would have used in 2018 would be out-of-stock, I'm going to add links to this outfit that are current.

Classic looks are timeless, not trendy, so you should always have these go-to items in your wardrobe arsenal.

I suggest always having a seasonal outfit hanging ready to go with accessories hanging with the blouse, pants/skirt/dress and jacket. That way, if you are running tardy, you don't have to go searching for the items to complete this outfit; it's all right there on the hanger saving you time. I have several outfits in my closet hanging paired and ready. It's a time saver and when your mind is busy and you don't want to think about putting an outfit together, you've already done the work.

Below is the recipe for this look and links to items on the list. I bet you have most of these items, if not all, in your wardrobe already.


Black Sock Booties

Straight Dark Denim

Black Leather Satchel Purse

Camel Wrap Coat (Camel doesn't flatter everyone so, switch it out for a colored wool wrap.)

Black Blouse

Marled Black and Gray Sweater Jacket

Black Winter Hat

Brown Leather Gloves

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Happy Wardrobing!

Fashion Stylist Kathy Banta

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