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Re-create the Look

It's funny to me how it can be Summer one day and the next be Fall. It doesn't feel like a gradual lowering of temps; no, it seems like one day I'm too warm for comfort and the next I'm grabbing for layers. But, I prefer layering to minimal clothing. (Unless I'm on a tropical beach, then it's worth it!)

Last week, I shopped with a client that is still working from home. She said she needed a wardrobe boost to lift her spirit. She wanted casual comfort that felt cute, that could go to the grocery store or on a date. We found options and found ourselves drawn once again to the classic look of layering with a puffer vest. It's timeless and cozy!

Here are links so, you can create that look too.

Jeans: https://bit.ly/3aZv3Xv https://bit.ly/3C0XMXX

Striped Turtleneck: https://bit.ly/3jkXVhw

Cream Cable-knit Sweater: https://bit.ly/3vtjxx1

Red Puff Vest: https://bit.ly/3lVd4rx https://bit.ly/3ARKGLm

Watch: https://bit.ly/3aTsNkU https://bit.ly/3BXrZHm

Sunglasses: https://bit.ly/3AVLzTe https://bit.ly/3BXQmF3

Boot Options: https://bit.ly/3AXuW9E https://bit.ly/3Gdbh9E

Happy Wardrobing!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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