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Spring/Summer Must-Have: T-shirts in neutrals

This is a topic that I am covering with much hesitation. I am not a t-shirt girl. I own maybe three. I don't like the way jersey fabrics cling to areas I don't want to bring attention to. But, I do know that I am unusual in this area; I'm in the minority.

And...I see all of you in your tees and you look so good! So, with full disclosure, I am going to suggest you have basic tees in neutral colors for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

When I think of neutral colors I think natural colors like black, white and tan. But, I would add an olive /brownish-green to that list of neutral colors to mix and match.

Thoughts for finding a basic tee that's flattering to you.

What neck shape do you gravitate to? If you have a long neck, you may prefer crewnecks but, to elongate your face and neckline, V-neck and Scoop neck tees will be your friend.

Look at where the sleeves land. Can they be rolled up or cut off? When a sleeve lands at the waistline it creates a hard line at the waist, giving the illusion of a wider waist. If you are an hourglass shape with a tiny waist, this is not a problem. But, for someone like me who's an Apple shape, carrying my weight in my middle, I do not want to draw attention to my waist or my bust. So, I want my shirt sleeves to be 3/4 (going longer) or shorter (going above the waist and bustline).

T-shirts are shorter sleeves that often create a hard line at our bust? If you don't have much of a bust and are wishing you had more, it is a positive to have your sleeve length end at the bustline because it will give the illusion of a more. But, if you are busty, this is not such a positive. In the picture above with the woman in the white tee with diagonal stripes, she has cuffed the sleeves bringing her sleeves above the bustline. This is the sleeve line most of us prefer.

This seems like a lot to think about for a simple tee but, once you find that brand that works for you, stick with it. Here are some quality options.

Store: Nordstrom Rack

Price: $16.97

Store: Banana Republic

Price: $45.00

Brand: HALOGEN V-neck tunic T-shirt

Store: Nordstrom

Price: $29.00

Store: Loft

Price: $26.50


If you are a t-shirt wearer, the basic colors are black, white, gray, olive and a pop-of-color. Whether to the beach or out to dinner, enjoy the comfort of Summer Styling.

Happy Wardrobing!

St Paul/Minneapolis Wardrobe Stylist Kathy Banta

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