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Spring/Summer Must-Have: white denim

Remember when Mom pulled out the white shorts and sundress? We knew that sandals and Summer was right around the corner.

This Spring has felt like Winter won't let go but, when it does, Summer will be here and you will want to be ready. One Spring/Summer wardrobe essential is White Denim. Last week I ordered several pairs of white denim to see the fit and feel. Before I ordered, I had looked at pairs in a higher price range. But, I changed my mind when I thought about how the "white" doesn't stay white long. White denim is not an investment piece in our wardrobes; it's an item we will need to replace every year or two. So this time, I looked at inexpensive options.

White denim can be trendy in their style; coming and going out the next Summer. It doesn't take long for them to get stained or discolored. I'd prefer not to spend much money on a pair of white denim, that I'll most likely need to replace next year. In this review, I will be paying attention to fit, feel, color, style, and if the fabric is too thin. Note that I purchased all jeans in size 8 (I'm a very true size 8 regular).

Often, white denim is thin and our underwear color shows through, or worse, cellulite. No one wants to share those secrets!

Tip: Avoid wearing lace underwear under your white denim. It shows through and looks like cellulite; Instead choose a nude-color underwear option.

1. I ordered Charter Club's "Lexington" straight leg white denim. I chose to look at what Charter Club had to offer because I had gotten a pair of Charter Club colored jeans a couple years ago and loved the fit and feel of them.

Where: Macy's

Price: $39.99

Review: The fabric has a comfortable stretch. These are a mid-rise, which I often choose but, the waist on these feel too confining. And...I wished the fabric was a little thicker.

Of the two Charter Club styles, I prefer this pair.

Where: Macy's

Price: $39.99

Review: These are a mid-rise cut that feel very comfortable. The skinny leg works best for me, especially since I tend to wear more flowy tops in the summer. (When wearing a flowy top, we need to pair it with a fitted bottom for balance and shape.) But, I wish the fabric was a little thicker. The back pockets are sitting slightly lower than I prefer. This pair is one I'm definitely considering.

Where: Loft

Price: $79.99

Review: Comparing this fabric to the two prior pairs, I liked the feel of the fabric. It has a bit more structure and feels thicker yet, still light weight. The stretch is comfortable and I love the frayed hem on these. I was sure I was going to keep this pair but, the length is a little too long, coming to the top of my foot. And...the back pocket placement is a little too wide and not flattering on me. These would be better on a gal with some curves.

(mid rise tummy control)

Where: Macy's

Price: $39.50

Review: I didn't realize I ordered a "curvy fit". I'm a very straight shape and I could feel and see the difference in this cut. The fabric stretch feels comfortable but, the back pockets landed too far apart. That makes sense for a curvy fit.

(mid rise slimming pockets)

Where: Macy's

Price: $39.50

Review: The fabric is summer weight thin and flexible making them very comfortable. I do like the pocket placement but, I prefer a skinny leg. These are coming in second place.

I've made my decision to get the Charter Club "Bristol" skinny leg white denim. This was tougher than I thought it would be. The white denim doesn't keep secrets as well as a dark denim so, I was pickier in my search for the right pair. You have to try them on to know if they are worth purchasing. But, white denim IS a Must-Have for Summer attire.

Happy Wardrobing!

Minneapolis Wardrobe Stylist Kathy Banta

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