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The colors that are best for you may not work for me and vice versa.

I dress a public figure that has white hair. She is an amazing powerful woman but, when she let me into her lovely closet I was immediately concerned. She has white hair and yet, she had a large amount of yellow-cream in her wardrobe. I had her try on a few items for me, thinking maybe she'll be an exception. But no, the cream on her with the white hair made her look ill.

Cream is not for everyone! This fall we'll see more yellow creams in the stores but, just because they're selling it; doesn't mean we want it.

Hold a crisp white fabric next to your face and then compare, framing your face with a yellow cream. Does one make you look vibrant? Does one wash you out? Try an ivory. Sometimes, ivory works best. When you test your skin tone against these colors, it will open your eyes to see more of what brings you to life and what doesn't.

I look at the two of these photos of Queen Elizabeth II. This camel fur hat and coat are amazing but, it blends into her skin. Compare this look to the blue hat and jacket combo on the right, her skin and eyes come to life.

Color really does matter.

It's different for every woman. Hair color, eye color, skin tone all point to what's most flattering for each individual.

Here again, I'll use the Queen as an example.

On the left she's wearing this pale lavender that is pretty and better than the camel but, it's still not the best for her skin tone. But, look at the maroon combo on the right. She looks energized and healthy; truly lovely.

Someone needs to tell her that I would be more than willing to help her out. :) LOL

Can you imagine shopping for the Queen?! The millinery shopping alone would be so much fun!

Anyways, I digress! Color! And...the affect it has on our appearance.

Here is a final example.

The Queen obviously loves color and why not? But, this bright green on the left is absolutely horrid. It's giving her skin a greenish hue and a clownish-pasty look. But, this rosy red in the picture to the right is absolutely stunning! The pink in her cheeks is accented and she looks fresh and lovely.

Color really does make a difference. So, before you go buying that cream, camel, yellow, or beige top, try something of that shade on in front of a mirror at home, preferably in natural lighting.

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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