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The Essential Pump Collection

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I was reading Lucia van der Post's book "Things I wish My Mother Had Told Me". It's a book that covers fashion rules, etiquette and gives tips on the "where to go" to find specific items and brands. It's an interesting read for a stylist. In the section I was reading last, she was saying how she had never understood how some women were obsessed with shoes until she purchased a pair of grass green Marc Jacobs shoes for a gastly price. Those shoes brought the dullest of outfits to life and gave it an edge. She then began to see and shop shoes differently.

I get it. Shoes can make or break the outfit. But, where to start?

When building a polished shoe collection I start with pumps in four color options; Cognac, Nude, Black and Red.

1. Cognac brown is a versatile, rich shoe color option not just for men's dress shoes. When I started wearing cognac pumps instead of a black pump, it brought more life to my outfits and a lighter, more approachable vibe. Cognac pairs well with the deeper tones of Fall and Winter colors. When my light nude pumps get too light for fall attire, I trade them out with my cognac pair. (I live in Minnesota where when the snow flies, nude pumps seem too summer-y.) Meghan Markle is known for favoring her cognac pumps, too. But, I learned that when they tire and need to be replaced, it is hard to find brands that carry cognac in their shoe color pallets. It took me three years to find a replacement. I bought a pair out of desperation but, I couldn't bring myself to wear them because, they were cheap looking. Finally, I found a crocodile textured square toe pump by Sam Edelman at Nordstrom that I fell in love with.

My point...when you see the right pair, buy them! They are hard to find.


If you can't find cognac, leopard print can work in its place sometimes.


2. Nude pumps are the most valuable option I have in my shoe collection. They elongate the leg, dress up casual attire and give formal attire a more aire-y comfortable polish. Nude pumps are easy to find. It's about finding that pair that is most comfortable for you to wear All-The-Time.


3. Black pumps are a no brainer; you have to have them in your collection. They are the easiest to find but, they are also easiest to look cheap. I admit, I looked in the mirror one day and noticed that my outfit was out-dressing my shoes. Shoes should out-dress the outfit, not the other way around. Growing up counting my pennies has made me a very frugile person but, sometimes I have to take a step back and preach to myself about not taking the short cut.

I bit the bullet and purchased a quality pair of black pumps. The job of a black pump is to reflect the richness of your outfit and YOU. Simplicity in black often goes farther and is richer.

<-- simple pumps were needed with this outfit because the statement piece in her outfit was here widelegged ankle pants. shoes with embellishments or ankle straps would have cut up the outfit and made it messy.


4. RED pumps are fun! They can make the simplest of outfits come to life and show that you have personality. Every wardrobe needs a little fun! As I read Lucia van de Post, her "fun" shoes were grass green, not red. Red is the most common splash of color in shoes but, find that color that brings you joy and rock it!


I love pump heels! But, many women can not wear heels due to feet issues or long days of walking on marble floors. Don't miss out on style and the joy of a sassy shoe; there are many stylish flat options, too. They won't give you that look of height but, they may be more comfortable and they will give a polished look.

Wishing you Happy Feet!

Stylist Kathy Banta

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