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The Perfect White Tee

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I am asked over and over where to find the perfect white tee. This is not an easy answer because, retail stores switch up their product lines from year to year. So, I ordered a half dozen tees to try.

I tried:

Zella athleisure crewneck from Nordstrom

The Madewell Vneck from Nordstrom

The Nordstrom brand Vneck

The Loft Crewneck "vintage soft"

The Loft Vneck "vintage soft"

The Banana Republic Supima Cotton Crewneck

Of all of these my favorite was the Banana Republic Supima Cotton Tee. Why I liked the BR Supima Cotton Tee was the studiness of the fabric. It's 100% supima cotton. I found that most of the tees were a bit too thin, sharing too many of my secrets. I don't want the fabric pattern of my bra to show through my tee. I would find myself self-conscious. But, the Banana Republic Tee wasn't sheer at all and yet, it was light weight and flexible.

The negative: I am not a fan of crewneck tees on me; the necks get too high and have an unflattering affect on my jawline (double chin). So, I prefer a vneck option. Banana Republic DOES have a vneck option in the Supima Cotton Tee but, it is so popular the size run is all but, sold out. I'll keep my eye on this in hopes that they re-stock.

What I ended up purchasing was the Nordstrom brand vneck tee. It just fit the best and was what I was looking for. The fabric is a little thinner than I wanted but, it looks perfect under a blazer. So, I found my white tee!

Looking forward to summer fashions!

Happy Wardrobing!

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