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The Short list is long at the LOFT!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This Fall Eric Shemek took the managerial position at the Loft store in the Mall of America. He has brought a cheerful vibe to the store. He is friendly and hardworking, aiming to please his clientele. There is a comradery amongst his staff that not all shops are fortunate to have. This speaks of his leadership. I enjoy his passion for the art of display. It is exciting and inviting to enter the Loft again.

I shopped at the Mall of America with a client last Thursday and one of our stops was the Loft store. We found some Spring wardrobe options and before we left Eric told me to come back and see the new merchandise the following day. So...I did. I was already impressed with the product Loft was carrying for Spring but, when I walked into the store today, it felt like Spring had finally arrived! It was raining outside but, inside the Loft store, it felt like Summer vacation. Spring has been slow coming here in Minnesota but, we can feel the shift in the air and the warmth about to burst upon us. Of all the stores in the Mall of America, Loft has got your Summer shorts options covered.

Okay, so I showcase local boutiques but, I have never showcased a store in the Mall before. I like to keep my eyes open to what all the stores offer. My client's wardrobe needs are different; each is an individual. They have different lifestyles, personalities and body shapes. So, one store is not the answer for all. But, I have to say that Loft outdid itself for what they brought to the table this Spring. We, the shopper, are so ready for FRESH and they gave it to us in fabulous fun prints and energizing color. If your wardrobe needs a re-fresh for Summer, this is where you should start.

They have many different cuts of shorts this season, each in many colors and prints.

The "Emory" short is a wide legged short with pockets and draw string waist. It comes in tan, coral, grey and charcoal in regular and petite sizes. It also comes in a tan and white and blue and white vertical stripe. So many choices for this cut of short.

The "Monroe" chino shorts are a classic zipper/button front summer short in a 4 inch inseam. You can find them in six color options: black, moss, orange, almond, lemon and white. The fit options are in regular, curvy and petite sizes. If this short isn't long enough for you, they are selling a 6 inch inseam option, too. The 6 inch "Monroe" chino comes in nine color options the same as above plus sky blue, yellow and fuscia.

If you still feel the need for more length in your shorts, Loft carries a Bermuda short, too.

The "Paper bag" short is another wide leg casual short offered in regular and petite sizes. It comes in four solid colors: moss, coral, almond and light grey. There are also a yellow eyelet, chambray, plaid, and striped option in the paper bag style short.

The pleated pull-on short looks so easy and comfortable. It comes in regular and petite sizes, several prints, chambray and eyelet fabric options.

Above the cute, colorful Summer short options, Loft also has a selection of denim shorts. Here are my two favorites.

The Frayed Denim Cut Off Shorts in Vintage Mid Indigo Wash are classics in a look of Summer relaxation. They come in regular, curvy and petite sizes . These are a "must-have" for your Summers at the lake.

The Fresh Cut Denim Roll Shorts in Light Indigo Wash are timeless and will be easy to pair with a t-shirt or a polo.

I realize that most of us haven't even taken our shorts out of our off-season closets but, it's time. We have a brief window of time before the skies are going to open and we'll be wanting to be outdoors in the sunshine. So, this is a great time to get ready for your Summer attire. And, Loft is ready for you.

Wishing you a Sun-filled May! Happy Wardrobing!

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