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Trend: Black Leather Jacket

We saw black leather make a larger than normal splash, across the board, at the 2021 Fall/Winter Ready-to-wear runway shows. So, it's no surprise to be seeing black leather jackets appear on every clothing store's racks. We're seeing several different styles pop through, with the black over-sized blazer being the most popular.

This over-sized blazer look is adorable paired with a fitted foundation. I love it black on black and the look of it in the picture to the left, with the hoodie, is a great example of how to wear it more casually.

Below: The brand "Longchamp" is pairing their over-sized blazer with a billowy skirt. Honestly, if I wore these together I'd look twenty pounds heavier so, you won't find me wearing a billowy skirt and an over-sized blazer together but, it sure looks great on a runway model!

Before I go too far I have to confess. I only own one leather jacket. And yes, it's black but, it's for motorcycle riding. Yes, this is me and my bike. I got this leather jacket for riding. It's a size larger than I would normally buy so I can wear layers under it. I have not worn leather other than this. I lean towards flexible fabrics and I've always felt a bit restricted in leather.

But with that said, I put a couple outfits together with my leather jacket, thinking of how I would fashion it to worn other than for sport.

Again, If I were to wear this jacket for everyday, it should be a size smaller.

Right: I have a black turtleneck with Levi jeans and booties.

Below: Same black turtleneck, black skirt and tall black boots. Tall boots are another thing that were so popular from 2005 to 2012. But, all of the sudden, they were dated. NOW, they're back. It's so funny how the trends yank us back and forth but, they do!

Trends are just THAT. If you are going to invest in a leather jacket, buy classic; it won't go out of style. It may not be as hot next year as it is this year but, it'll still be fashionable paired with whatever is the current rage.

If you do have a leather jacket that has been hanging in the back of your closet you may want to pull it out and have fun pairing it with new styles again.

Happy Wardrobing!

Kathy Banta

Twin Cities Wardrobe Stylist

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