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Trend: Coveralls

Often we see a trend come to the stores in a soft push and then the next year it comes in HOT. That is the case of the Boiler suit, otherwise called Coveralls.

Left: I bought these Lucky Coveralls weeks before the Covid shut down. I find them unique and fun to wear. This Spring I am seeing boiler suits in almost every retail store. Here are some of my favorites that I'm seeing.

Right: These Alex Mill Coveralls are selling at Nordstrom for $178.00 - I like the short sleeve feature of this pair - they could easily be paired with a long sleeve jersey top in the Fall.

Left: Evereve is carrying this Pistola Rosie Shoulder Pad Jumpsuit for $168.00 The unique feature of these are the thick shoulder pads, another trend we saw a soft push in the stores a couple years ago that is really picking up steam this Spring.

Left: Banana Republic is carrying this Broiler Suit in "Sunset Red" for $180.00

Below: And Free People may have the most Spring-like vibe in this light denim wash Lee Union Coverall, priced at $138.00

This is a trendy piece and oh so fun. I'm glad I grabbed mine two years ago; I'm going to get plenty of wear out of it.

When thinking about trending pieces, remember what comes around has already been around. There really is nothing new in fashion. It may have a new presentation in color or fabrics but, for the most part, we cycle back to styles we've seen before. The photo to the LEFT is from the charity fashion show I curated in February for the Basic Needs organization with the outfits pulled from their thrift store. In a world of recycling and sustainability, consider shopping your local thrift store for items that are trending.

Happy Wardrobing!

Twin Cities Personal Wardrobe Consultant Kathy Banta

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