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Trend: Two-tone Jeans

For the last four months I have been volunteering at the Basic Needs Thrift Shop in Cottage Grove. I've been working in back, sorting through donations and pulling items with style and good classic pieces to use for outfits in the Fundraiser fashion show I was curating for this organization. It's been work. But, it's been fun. When these two-tone Levi's jeans came in, I snatched them up. They are on-trend RIGHT NOW! They were Alyssa's size and she saw the style in them, too and modeled them for me.

THIS IS A TREND. Trends are styles that we see for 3 to 7 years. Honestly, this one will most likely be shorter lived. Often, the more trendy the style, the more easily worn when we're young. Maybe it's the attitude and bold defiance of the norm. But, if you are a little daring in your personality, you may want to have a little fun with this trend, too. Truthfully, it's all about how you pair it; any age can wear this trend.

I realize that this is a trend that most women my age (50+) are not going to embrace and that's okay. It's not practical. And... it's a short lived fashion style. But, for those of us who like to live a little outside the box, we can wear these and still look respectable. I don't want to look like a fifty-something that's trying to look like a twenty-something. No, I've already lived those years and instead, I want to dress like a fifty-something that knows how to style the trends in a rich way that is flattering to me and my lifestyle. So, if you are are some options.

When thinking about how to put an outfit together, look at the shoes that are chosen on the models and the hem length/cut.

I like the look of these more casual white sneakers but, a chunky heel or black combat boot would look great paired with these, too.

Here are some options I've seen walking through the Mall of America.

These High Rise Mom Jeans are found at Abercrombie & Fitch priced at $99.00, on sale for $79.20

These BDG Urban Outfitters Two-tone jeans found at Nordstrom are priced at $69.00

These Two-Toned Flared Jeans are not quite the same as above but, they have a similar feel. Alter'd State had them in their front display last week and are selling them for $79.95. The shoe pairing here are a white 60s-70s vibe boot.

One of my favorite options out there at this time, is by the brand 7 for all mankind. The two-tone is back vs front instead of side vs side.

Regularly priced at $228.00, is currently selling for $160.00. They have a little more subtle feel to the two-tone trend. Still trendy, still very hot on-trend, but not so bold in contrast.

Notice that they are being worn with a black western ankle bootie. Going into Spring, I would pair these with a black leather sneaker. And into Summer, I'd pair them with a black leather flip-flop.

These are not for everyone. That's fashion; one style is not for all. But, if you are drawn to these, have fun and own it!

Twin Cities Wardrobe Consultant - Kathy Banta

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