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Winter Warmth - Long Puffer Vest

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

In early January I bought this long vest at Zara; instore at the Mall of America.

(Price: $69.90) I tend to be drawn to navy and this navy puffer vest with gold lining (it's actually reversible) was a fresh take on the typical puff vest. I saw it across the room and tried it on infront of one of the standing mirrors on the retail floor. I've had puff vests but, not any this long.

Because it is a puff vest (adding puff) I paired this with very fitted clothing in order to avoid looking puffier. :) A navy fitted long sleeved tee and my Levi's skinnies were all I needed.

Twin Cities Personal Stylist

I've been wearing it mostly with my tennies but, when paired with heels, it does give it a bit more sass.

To me, this Winter has been colder than Winters in recent past. The amount of layers I've been wearing is ridiculous. But, this long vest feels like I'm wearing a cozy sleeping bag. My husband says it doesn't send the message of "Come hither". But, since we're living in polar temps right now, I need the wearable sleeping bag. :)

I am so sold on this product that next Winter I will have a long puff vest on my essentials list for surviving Minnesota's Winter.

Here are a couple more vest options if you should be interested in look too.

Zara - Reversible Padded Vest


Theory - True Puffer Vest

$262.50 (was $525.00)

Aritzia - The Super Puff

$275.00 (was: $298.00)

Wishing you warmer days but, until then.... try a long puffer vest!


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